Today's Video: Nate Robinson 360

Former Celtic Nate Robinson (who will take the court this evening with Rondo, Perkins, and Marquis Daniels at the Southern Hospitality Showcase) participated in the Jamie Foxx Summer Slam event last weekend. Highlights from the game are shown in the video above (courtesy of Ball is Life), which included Nate's 360 alley-oop at about 35 seconds into the video.

From the video's description:
The Jaime Foxx Foundation with the help of Under Armour Basketball put on the third annual Summer Slam basketball event. This event included a 3 on 3 tournament as well as a live auction. The best part of the event is when more NBA players showed up than originally anticipated and instead of running a 3 on 3 they gave the crowd and kids a show by running 3 full court games. After running the games the guys gave back to the charity and helped to raise nearly 1/2 million dollars for the at risk youth home. Barry Bonds, Mario, Bullets for Peace, Kenny Lofton, Gary Payton & more also gave to the cause.

The list of NBA guys that showed up/played included: Earl Watson, Ryan Hollins, Demar Derozan, Kemba Walker, James Harden, Trevor Ariza, Rasual Butler, Dorrel Wright, Tyson Chandler, Kenyon Martin, Shawn Marion, Nate Robinson, Jordan Hamilton, Nick Young, Derek Fisher