Could Proposed "Carmelo Rule" Help Land Dwight Howard in Boston?

Pretty sure JaJaun would give up
#12 to play alongside Howard.
Possibilities presented by the league as alternatives to a hard cap include: A new "Carmelo Rule" that would prevent teams -- as the New York Knicks did in February with Anthony -- from using a Bird exception to sign or extend a player acquired by trade unless they are acquired before July 1 of the final season of the player's contract.
That July 1st deadline has passed for Dwight Howard, so unless the NBA were to make a special exception for for this season that would mean Howard would only have two options to make big money. Either resign with the Magic or sign with a team with a ton of cap space in the Summer of 2012. The Celtics just happen to be one of those teams. Now the stupid new Amnesty Clause will hurt the C's as other teams will be able to rid themselves of bad contracts and get under the cap. Washington for example could release Rashard Lewis and be able to pay Howard.

What this proposed "Carmelo Rule" would do though is prevent the Lakers (Howard's supposed preferred destination) from trading let's say Andrew Bynum for Howard and then paying Howard a max contract. With the Lakers out of the picture, Boston would become a desirable landing spot for Howard. The Celtics have the best pass first point guard in the league (and Howard has complained previously about not enough touches), they have a players' coach in Doc Rivers, and Pierce would still be around to provide offense. With Howard in tow, I wouldn't be surprised to see KG and Ray stick around at much lower salaries. Also, I'm sure Bill Russell would be a solid pitch man to entice Howard to Boston. If Howard want to be the best, why not learn from the best?

Do I think Howard will be a Celtic in 2012? I wouldn't bet on it, but it might have just become more plausible.