Name That 80's-90's Player- Part III

  • One has a tie to the Celtics
  • One was a skilled big-man who played center for the Mavericks, back when real big men played
  • One was a lightning quick point guard, who single-handedly shredded Magic & the Flakers during the 90 playoffs
  • One has the highest career FT% in NBA history
  • One was bagging groceries before joining the Knicks
  • One was a big-time scorer for the Blazers and Nuggets earlier in his career
  • One was a high draft pick from UNC who never lived up to his potential
Answers after the jump.
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A. Danny Ainge
B. JR Reid
C. James Donaldson
D. Kevin Johnson
E. Kiki Vandeweghe
F. Mark Price
G. Johnny Newman

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