Shaq vs Danny Ainge?

Shaq made an appearance on HD Net's Inside MMA tonight and listed the top 5 NBA players he would like to fight. Surprisingly, when Shaq needed a token white guy to add to his list, he called out Danny Ainge and (wrongfully) cited Danny nearly biting off Tree Rollins finger as showing Ainge's tenacity (it was the other way around... but Danny did hit a pretty decent double leg takedown).

The other 4 NBA players that Shaq said he'd like to fight included Charles Oakley, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and former Celtic Xavier McDaniel. Ron Artest was added as an honorable mention, but Shaq wanted to keep his list to "old school" players.

To watch the full hour of Inside MMA and more of Shaq's interview, click here. Shaq's interview beings around 8:09.