NBA Lockout: Day 50

This is actually Ryan from last week. Good news is Ryan just got a new job. Bad news is their making him get rid of his Lockout Beard. Fuckers! And the irony of it all is this man grows a beard to protest the NBA's work stoppage and work gets in the way of his protest. Well thanks for contributing up until now and good luck with the new gig. If you get fired, you can jump back in.
Note: If you think the above pic is wild, you should have seen the bottom 3/4ths of it.

After the jump, we see Jay's Day 49 beardage.

No pic from Michael this week. Hopefully he's still in. This is why I went with 3 people. Which leads me to the fact with Ryan dropping out we could use one more CL Lockout beard grower. So email me if you want in... or you're a grower of a different kind. (Jokes jokes. Calm down).