More On Perk Arrest: The Beast Could Not Be Tamed

Boston Globe
Former Celtics center Kendrick Perkins was arrested early yesterday morning after police said the NBA player became intoxicated and belligerent in a Texas nightclub.

Sergeant Marc Levy said Beaumont police were called after Perkins arrived with a large group of people and threatened to start fighting. Perkins had gone to the club after leaving a party, Levy said.

“He got drunk and wanted to fight everybody,’’ Levy said. “Almost started a big to-do.’’

His friends tried to calm him down and get him out of the club, Levy said, but Perkins did not want to leave.

“He refused and started cursing,’’ Levy said. “He was his own worst enemy.’’

It does not appear that anyone was hurt, and Perkins did not resist arrest, Levy said.
Would love to see video of this. It's hard enough to calm down a sober Perk when he feel's he's been wronged, let alone a drunk one. Miss the big guy in Boston.