Celtics Still Searching for a New Defensive Coordinator

Gone, Still here, Still here (Does he do anything?), Gone, The Man

Boston Globe
New Detroit coach Lawrence Frank has not announced his coaching staff, but it could include Roy Rogers, who last season worked with the Celtics’ big men. Behind the scenes, Doc Rivers is seeking a defensive coach to replace Frank. Rivers has maintained mostly a low profile during the lockout, but the search for the next defensive coordinator is ongoing.
Gary Washburn just reported this in today's Globe. If the search is supposed to be "behind the scenes," and Doc wants to keep a "low profile," I wonder if Doc appreciates Washburn broadcasting this? If Washburn's story is accurate this means that new Celtics Assistant, Mike Longabardi, won't be stepping into sitting in Lawrence Frank's seat, as some had speculated. This is the first we've heard that the C's are still looking for a lead assistant after their recent hire. I wonder if Larry Brown is still in the mix?