Glad to See Shaq Gone

Let's see who I can throw under the bus next?
The retired Shaq continues to make news. We haven't reported the most damning allegations on here about the murder charges. You can check out CBS Sports to read about that. We did report on Shaq breaking the code of "what is said in the locker room, stays in the locker room," by essentially calling former teammate Rajon Rondo out as being way too sensitive and letting a President Obama joke mess with his game. You could also say, he threw KG in the mix by quoting him too. This is all because Shaq wants to stay in the news and is releasing a book next month. Pretty sure other former teammates will also be thrown under the bus.

Today the big news is that Shaq told a Newsweek reporter about Dwyane Wade being unfaithful to his girlfriend. Ironically Shaq killed the Kobe/O'Neal Laker dynasty when Kobe snitched on him. Yes that would be Shaq being hypocritical, but he always bashes his former teammates and organizations when he leaves. Maybe that's why the Celtics owners bought him that huge RV after he did shit for the Celtics when it mattered.

If you recall I was against the C's signing the old fat ass last Summer. Allegedly so were the Celtics, but after their first choice Kwame Brown signed for more dollars in Charlotte, the C's signed Shaq out of need. At first things looked to be going well. Playing with a pass first point guard in Rajon Rondo, Shaq was able to clean up on easy hoops, but as was predicted, years of letting his body go forced him to break down again and he limped off into the sunset after the C's were bounced in the playoffs the quickest they had in the entire Big 3 era. This is nothing new for Shaq. The Cavs got bounced from the playoffs quicker with Shaq than the year before without him. The Suns fell from West contender to also ran after they traded for Shaq. But once they got rid of him they made the Western Conference Finals. The Heat were awful the last couple years Shaq was there, but immediately improved the season after he was traded.

I'm a Laker!
Shaq was someone who could have been one of the very best that ever played the game, but he didn't keep himself in shape, he concentrated too much on movies and music, didn't work on his weaknesses, and has continued to have riffs with teammates.

I'm not sure why Boston fans consider him one of our own. He was a Laker who had a cameo in Boston. I'm glad he's retired. I'm glad he's no longer a Celtic. He let's us down, just as he did several teams before (going all the way back to leaving Orlando). And he needs to shut his mouth regarding former teammates. He's always been way too jealous. First it was Penny Hardaway, then Kobe. Wade let him pretend he was the man in Miami and he still throws him under the bus. LeBron wanted nothing to do with Shaq joining him in Miami. And now Shaq is talking shit about Rajon Rondo. I'm sure there will be more Celtics drama that he'll share in his book, because Shaq doesn't care about his former teammates. He was never a Celtic. He only cares about himself, The Big Ego. Good riddance Laker scum.