Deep Thoughts from Big Baby: Scaring the Celtics Dancers & Having Secret Powers

Remember the Deep Thoughts books from Jack Handey? Those random humorous pearls of wisdom? A trip to Glen Davis' twitter page uncovered a series of Big Baby's innermost thoughts, some of which were rhyming, that reminded me of the book series. Except BBD probably shouldn't publish these. Especially if he returns to the Celtics next year, he will probably have a swarm of angry "Snooki look-alike" Celtics Dancers ready to kill him. Thank you, Big Baby, for being a constant source of entertainment during the lockout.

"Oh my.. How I miss basketball so much .!!! How I miss running up and down the garden floors. Hearing the loud roar of the mighty fans."

"Or how I miss scaring .the celtic dancers . Aka snooki look alike hair styles . Or that crazy fan who runs behind my car after every game"

"Oh my oh my oh my . I just don't know why . Everytime I think of it just makes me wanna cry."

"But that day will come . When the balls will bounce . and whistles will blow. And the popcorn will pop."

"If I was a x-men. Which one would I be. !!! Ayo baby"

"I have no idea which one I would be . But if I was make my own. That would be cool."

"I would be a big ass baby . . With a diaper .. My power would be . Baby poo poo. . Or my baby bottle would be like sercet weapon."