Avery Bradley Eyeing Playing Time in Europe

Bradley’s agent, former NBA player Mitchell Butler, had a long conversation with team president Danny Ainge about Bradley before the lockout began. And the two formulated a plan for the second-year guard in case the Celtics were not allowed to contact him.

And now those plans may include a stint in Europe because what Bradley needs most is experience.

“They were all for it,’’ Butler said of the Celtics. “If it is something we decide to explore, I am sure they will be happy about it. I think they want to see him get the necessary reps because he’s going to be a big part of what they do this season and for years to come."

FL was all over this Europe rumor 10 days ago, but the Globe's Gary Washburn mentioned it again yesterday. The Celtics publicly are very high on Bradley. Ainge claims he would have been a top 5 pick in this year's draft. I find that hard to believe, but the point remains they like him. And if the Celtics really do want to get more athletic, they have the bodies now in Rondo, Bradley, JaJuan, and Green.

Washburn also writes that Bradley has been working our with Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, and Aaron Brooks back in Seattle. Those are probably a good threesome to work with as they are all more or less combo guards and that is what Bradley projects as (Would love to see Bradley working out with Monta Ellis as well. Damn you Monta for not growing up in Seattle!). No way Bradley will ever become a true point guard. He just doesn't have the court vision. But he should be good enough to play backup minutes at the 1. And if he can learn to put the ball in the hoop like Crawford, Nate, and Brooks he can definitely get some burn at the 2. Despite his short height, his wingspan (Shout out to Jay Bilas and tb727) will allow him to play the 2 if his offense improves.

What are your thoughts on young Avery?