Carl Landry Interested in the Celtics?

Look at that wingspan!
Interesting article from Jeff Washburn regarding Celtics' rookies JaJuan Johnson and  E'Twaun Moore and  Carl Landry's thoughts:
"Me, along with everybody in West Lafayette and Lafayette, knows that those guys will contribute. It's crazy that they were drafted by the same team. That just doesn't happen." While Landry has said that he enjoys playing in New Orleans and would be interested in playing for the Indiana Pacers or his hometown Milwaukee Bucks, he is intrigued by the Celtics."What would be even more weird is if the Boston Celtics sign me," Landry said. "Anything is possible. With free agency, you really just never know. We could be Purdue East."
Guys usually talk-up players from their alma mater, but I'm a big fan of Landry.  He plays bigger than his size indicates and isn't afraid to mix-it-up in the paint with actual 7 footers.  He also doesn't get his shot blocked nearly as much as Glen Davis.  I look at Landry as an upgrade over Davis, but not the final answer to the need for a center.  What do you think?