How Many Times Will Jay Bilas Say Wingspan?

Say it with me now, wing-spaaaaan"

It's that time ladies and gentlemen, the NBA draft.  Where we're sure to be graced by Jay Bilas.  Figured we oughta get an idea on the consensus out there of how many times Bilas will say "wingspan" during the draft.  There's 60 players actually selected, and there will be more players discussed.

I'm thinking he's going to get between 38-44 wingspan references out there, and I'm going to lean on the over and go with 40-49.  I was tempted to goto the 50+ range but I have a feeling he'll peter out in the second round, like he did last year.

Last year in the first round alone he came close to hitting 30, so going higher might be wise.  And keep an eye in the shoutbox to the right for the new wingspan smiley (posted right above)!!  Anyone tuned into Celticslife, when Bilas says it, you post it!