Big Baby Starts a Workout Blog, Sits on His Butt in 1st Video

As Rondo>Me from the Shoutbox pointed out, Glen "Big Baby" Davis has started the Ayo Baby Blog where he logs his summer workouts (or lack thereof).

The first installment (embedded above) includes Big Baby at the gym sitting on his butt and he shows us what he is eating. In the second installment (after the jump), Davis is doing some speed and agility drills. Big Baby's Youtube station where all of his current and future videos can be seen at

There has been much debate whether Celtics fans would like to see Big Baby resigned next season. Many became frustrated with his poor play and post-game comments upon the Celtics' elimination from the playoffs. Others feel that his contributions throughout the year were stellar, as he was in the running for Sixth Man of the Year, and we should look at the whole picture and not just the post season.

How do you feel about whether the Celtics should resign Glen Davis? And what does Celtics Nation think of Baby's workout attempts? Leave your comments below.