Thank You Rick Carlisle for Making My Season

And Dirk Nowtizki.  And Jason Kidd.  And Peja Stojokavoic.  And Jason Terry.  And DeShawn Stevenson.  And Shawn Marion.  And Tyson Chandler.  And so on and so forth.  For doing the job.  For proving that having a good bench means something.  For proving that the enemy was a fraud.  For showing that their "length" is overrated (who would've thought getting other 7 footers to match the Flakers size would make a difference? smh).

They were handed a championship last season.  The free throw discrepancy in that fourth quarter.  Just ridiculous how that quarter was called so differently.  Forcing us to see Bill Russell hand Bean the MVP trophy for the finals, that we all know he didn't deserve.

The amount of annoyance this spares me is enormous.  No going into May and June watching refs bail out Bean.  Not seeing Bean bitch and moan to the refs.  No Matt Scumbag Barnes winning a title.  No Derek Snake Fisher flopping.  No Lamar Scrotum wagging his tongue.  No more constantly hearing about their "length."  No Whistling Phil riding off into the sunset with a championship.  I hope him and his lifeguard chair drown.

Furthermore this embodies everything wrong with the Buffoon.  It's blatant with Gasol being a non-factor in this series, that they wouldn't be two-time defending champions.  Bean minus any second big-time player equals irrelevant Flakers.  The Jordan comparisons are still a joke.

Kudos to the Mavericks too, they have a lot of likable players.  Peja, Terry, Marion.  And most importantly Dirk.

I'm hoping the Celtics can still prevail in their series.  But if they don't, my season as a fan has already been successful.  Thanks Rick for being a Celtic at heart, unlike the fucking Buffoon.

PS: I promise there won't be ever be a WTHHT written about you as a sign of my gratitude..