Shannon Brown denies sleeping with Pau's girlfriend
If you thought people pointed fingers in Boston when we lose, L.A. is a whole 'nother level. I'm sure people remember the Lakers "dynasty" that dissolved after Kobe told police he should have just paid women hush money like Shaq did. The funny thing about this Shannon "Don't call me Chris" Brown rumor is that the original rumor involved Kobe's wife convincing Pau's girlfriend to dump the llama. Who knows, maybe Kobe planted the Shannon Brown twist. If you want to read more on this, Terez Owens has an article up.

In a somewhat related note (but not really), I was checking out Pau's twitter and I saw that he's rooting for his former team the Grizzlies, which I thought was pretty cool. I don't hate Gasol like most Celtics fans do (and it appears many Lakers fans do as well). I remember wanting the C's to trade for him years ago. I often wonder if the hate Gasol and a lot of other Europeans in the NBA get is part xenophobia.