2008 Celtics Still Around

I was talking to TB earlier today and we uncovered a pretty interesting fact about the 2011 playoffs. It's loaded with former Celtics. Let's not even look at guys who played many years ago like Joe Johnson. Guys bounce around the league and that happens. What's really interesting to me is that every single Celtics player from the 2008 team (not counting retired guys like PJ, Cassell, Pollard) made the playoffs this season. In fact there were more 2008 alumni in the playoffs on other teams than on the Celtics and just as many still playing right now. 

Now none of the departed are Big 4 quality, but it's nice to see (and interesting) that these glue guys all have roles on contending playoff teams, whether that be as starters, bench guys, or being Coach of the Year. That 2008 team was truly a special group. You can't discount the value to a team of being a winner.