We Need to Move On

I can't believe I'm writing this today. I'm the most sentimental, nostalgic person around. I live my life by memories of the past. However, I have decided that I've had enough of the Perk discussion. Like Momma Gump said, "You've got to put the past behind you before you can move on." Although there is a chance someday Perk will be back in green, the reality is that he is probably gone for good. We can either sulk and talk about the what ifs, or we can move on with the players we have. 

The problem the Celtics have right now is they don't give a crap. Rondo is a shell of himself. I don't care if your best friend got traded. You're a professional basketball player. Deal with it and start playing with passion again. You are awesome at life, start acting like it.

Jeff Green is better than he has shown. I watched him live last night and the guy definitely has game, he's just not a perfect fit for this system.  We may want to put him in with the starters more. Shaq's absence has obviously been huge.  For anyone who didn't expect this type of thing to happen you are living in a dream world. We need Shaq for 15-18 minutes to grab boards and defend. Call me a dreamer but I think he can do it.

At the end of the day what do we get out of discussing the what ifs? It's over, the deal is done. I read something about comparing Perk to an ex-girlfriend. Well, we all know reminiscing about the good old days with your ex isn't healthy and neither is this. We are Celtics fans first, not Perk fans. I miss Perk as much as anyone else and wish him the best. We can get comfort knowing he's in a better situation now with a young, up and coming Thunder team. Let it go people. I still believe in Banner 18, do you?