Comments from the Other Side - Wizards 4/11

Wizard fans are really very civil. Not a lot of hate toward the Celtics other than for losing. I don't think I could ever cheer for my team to lose. Even back in that season where we had the second worst record I was pulling for the Celtics to win every game. We have always gotten screwed in the lottery anyway so why bother. Another case of there being more Celtics fans in an arena than fans for the home team. The officiating was terrible as could be expected from Dick Bavetta. They really need to retire him. He just keeps getting worse.   And all that being said,  here are today's comments...

I'm really afraid that we will win our remaining two games.

I say against Boston, F tanking! Boston is a team that always gives off attitude. Garnett likes to stare down folks. Their players have had an air of superiority for too long IMO. I don't like the Celtics. I want the young Wizards to kick their butts! I want the Wizards to lay the smack down on Boston and to TOTALLY demoralize that team as it limps into the playoffs.

Boston's has no real motivation to win and they're on a back-to-back. If the Wizards fight hard early on, Boston will probably just capitulate and rest their starters.

We're probably going to get blown out.

They were embarrassed yesterday, so I imagine they'll want to play well tonight.

Of course I want the young Wizards to play well, but I really want to see Miami and the Knicks in the first round.

Well tonight should be interesting! I think we will get revenge and get a nice win

Tonight’s game will be difficult — this game matters a lot to the Boston Celtics. Lets be intense and competitive; make them work.

This game is going to be boring..

Yeah...another wizards blowout..

Hey...I was joking... Apparently we are playing the second string…this really could be a blowout…

This sucks that Boston isn't playing their guys

I just feel like a win against Boston's backups isn't that important

Whoa! I didn't know Jermaine O'Neal was still alive

Looks like we are both in tank mode But we are doing it better

Are we really down 8 to these bums?

Flip obviously stressed the importance of ping pong balls

Well, not only is Jermain Oneal still alive Apparently (javale is making him seem like) he is playing like an all star

Was that a pity foul call?

Nothing like losing to Delonte and Jeff Green That’s my Bullets…

So far, this game sucks.

I doubt we lose.. They just came out taking their bench for advantage.

Hate to say it, but I want us to lose... Feel dirty saying it but we need as many ping pong balls as possible in this weak draft

And this is why we will ultimately win because a loss helps us more in the long run, the wizards will naturally win lol

I hate losing to Boston, ever. But losing to the ghost of Jermaine O’Neal is kinda unbearable

When exaxctly did Javale learn to make productive offensive moves?

McGee forgot his adhd medication this morning

LeQueen's step dad F's up the easy dunk. LOVE IT

Nobody has complained about the refs yet, this has to be a record

That's because dick is on the team tonight.. Never any complaints on him..

JaVale is the only player I've watched. Ever. That does so many stupid things and so many amazing things in a single game

The Celtics stars look entertained

As always the Celtics fans are louder than the Wizards fans at Verizon Center. @##$%

10-0 run by cecltics 8 by delonte west

Thank you Delonte West

Hopefully Delonte left his guitar case and Spyder at home this time around

Well what do u know, without 3 HOF on the floor, there not so diff/better than us

Posterized by O'NEAL? And not the one named Shaq?!?!? Come on. Haha... That's pathetic

We better not lose to the Celtics bench

If we win, we didn't really beat them. If we loose, we look totally lame

Hate to see anyone get hurt but not a fan of D West.

I'm flabbergasted on how many stupid human beings can be put into one team.

Doc Rivers is - by sitting his stars - personally derailing the Wizards' tank tonight.

Looks like all that worrying over Project Tank was unnecessary -- the Wiz are getting stomped by Carlos Arroyo & Co. Feel better?

All the Boston fans in the VC make me sick

Don't worry, they'll be gone once Garnett & Pierce break down.

If the C's cant beat a lineup of JC, Jeffers, Owens, Seraphin, and YI......

Means that Doc shouldn't play his bench for any long stretch in the playoffs

This is a disaster Either we lose our draft position or we get beaten by a bunch of scrubs

Miami only up 1 I don't understand the Celtics resting their guys…

Doc wanted to give them a full week of rest before the playoffs They thing health is more important than homefield advantage

Old dudes need that rest for the playoff run

Wouldn't you MUCH rather play Philly than the Knicks??? So dumb for them not to run out their starters in the 4th quarter…

They think rest is more important than seeding I don’t really blame them to be honest. A game 7 in Miami isn’t exactly a hostile environment.

Yeah but a first round matchup against a Knicks squad that's REALLY rolling right now, isn’t ideal.

I think they're not scared by the Knicks

76ers are pretty good defensively while NY sucks. Boston is one of the best defensive teams so they know they will get stops themselves

Johns gonna kill his FG %

Ha, was it alive in the first place??

Big Baby flopping like a baby

Kinda happy we're gonna lose at this point I really don't care about the win tonight

It's embarrassing we didn't blow them out so we might as well lose

All jokes aside… does anyone actually think FLIP is ACTUALLY telling them to make it look good? Or do you think no mention of losing on purpose has been brought up?

No coach ever discusses losing on purpose

Well.... Hard to believe we struggled with these incompetent washouts all night.

Perhaps it's because we are a bad basketball team

Have you seen our roster?

Have you seen the guys we're playing? Wafers…. Arroyo… Jermaine O’Neal… Troy Murphy…. I’ll take our roster over that trash ANY FREAKING DAY!

That was long count That ref is a wizard fan

Overtime would just be embarrassing

Now I want to win just to spite Doc

10 seconds of Ray Allen would solve Doc's problems... …but he just has to make his point.

LOL - the Cs are trying to lose. We just won't take the W.

If the blankey blank Celtics would stop missing dunks...

Is it too much to ask for a couple more losses after losing nearly 60 this season? The last 30 years of being a Bullets/Wizards fan have not been for sissies.

Will JaVale ever be as big as Jermaine Oneal?? It would be nice

Heat fans are rooting for lock in 2nd seed

I think they got it…Boston is done without Perkins.

How do you let big baby block you? He has zero vertical

I've got to say I'm disappointed I would have liked a win against the real Celts, but against their scrubs I just feel ill

A bunch of extra lottery balls, or a character-building victory for the home fans? Sorry, but I’ll go for Option B every time.

Character building against a bunch of scrubs?? I'll take option A

Losing to scrubs doesn't exactly help morale

Too bad...they won

Nice to see us get a W against Boston. Really annoyed me how there were so many Celtics fans there that John got booed at the free throw line....

Thanks for nothin' Wiz The Cleveland game is a MUST LOSE!

The worst part about that game was to get the great win And experience the building falling silent as the 80% Celtics fans there shuffled to the exits.

Winning these last few games is irrational behavior. Do people realize how easily we could be tied with Cleveland right now!!!??? Winning these last few games is so, so dumb. No one will remember us beating a hopelessly dull Bobcats team, an indifferent Pistons’ team, and now the Celtics’ scrubs. Math is math. (A profound statement I know.) Anyone who is actually happy with tonight’s outcome is certifiably insane.

You sit in that arena amongst 13,000 annoying Celtics fans And tell me you are rooting for the Wizards to lose…

Beat a team that cared soo much to win this game, that they played Von Wafer 45 minutes!! What possible good came out of tonight? People are thinking short when they need to be thinking long