Shaq to play tonight against Pistons's A.Sherrod Blakely:
"Earlier today, Celtics coach Doc Rivers told that O'Neal would 'probably' play, but added that he would only play limited minutes.

'If he does, it will only be for five, maybe 10 minutes,' Rivers said at the time.

Moments ago, Rivers confirmed that O'Neal would play and that he would not only limit his minutes, but also limit the number of games he plays in between now and the playoffs"

Looks like Danny Ainge wasn't lying when he said Sunday or Tuesday. Shaq brings some necessary depth to the Celtics frontcourt, with Krstic out with a bone bruise and Jermaine O'Neal just fresh from his multiple month absence. Playing Shaq sparingly is probably a good idea but just the fact that he's there to take minutes away from the other guys is good enough.