Pierce Talks Knicks, Rondo, and Perkins.

Earlier today Paul Pierce called into Mutt and Merloni on WEEI to field a few questions before the Playoffs. Here's some of the highlights.

"I flipped the (Playoff) switch when i woke up this morning... We've got 16 teams playing for one trophy, the focus is there. I'm as locked in as i've ever been before. It started this morning when i woke up and started looking at my scouting sheet, and that playbook."

"Defenitely Kendrick had his impact, but people forget he wasn't there for a big portion of the year and during that portion we were able to beat a lot of the good teams. I think it's just as excuse at this point. It defenitely hurts to lose your friend, someone you went to battle with. But it's time to move on."

"We hope [Rondo can be consistent]... As Rondo goes we go,when he has big games we usually play well and win those games. "

"When Rondo is at the top of his game, offensively and defensively, he carries a lot of responsibility for this team. It's defenitely a lot of weight on the shoulders of a young guys but i think he can handle that."

"(on Jeff Green) I think it's difficult for a young player when you come to a team of established players, All-Stars, veterans. If i was on the outside looking in it could be kind of intimidating to step on the court with a Ray Allen, or Garnett, or myself and Rajon. You can have a tendency to over-think the game instead of going out there and just playing. Especially with his ability i just think if he could just play with energy. He's starting to find his way with the team, and he's going to be a valuable asset for us. The last few games he's showed promise with what he can do offensively, but where i think he can really help and contribute is defensively and on the glass because those are the two main issues if your going to advance in the Playoffs"

"Nobody expected much from us think year, they were saying we were too old and maybe last year was the last run, that's what they're saying again this year. I just take it a day at a time and Danny does a good job to give us the pieces to intend. But we do have to go out there and play with a sense of urgency because your not going to get the opportunity to play with these type of players, who knows what could happen next year"

"Doc is one of the best in the business. He's been a great coach when it comes to breaking down teams, especially when it comes to Playoff time i think he just puts together great game plans. When you have to focus on just one team for several games it's not like going into the regular season when you only have so many hours to prepare for each team on a nightly basis. So now we've got playbooks, i'm going to know pretty much all of New York's plays in the next couple days probably like the back of my hand. He lives sleeps eats basketball"