Comments from the Other Side - Knicks 4/13

A fun bunch of comments from NY fans today.  I love how they started out smug that they could beat the Celtics bench, especially with Amar'e playing and by the end they realized that they are in trouble because their bench is pretty weak.  Also, the fact that Shelden Williams is their best low post player should have them a bit worried.  Enjoy today's regular season finale of Comments from the Other Side.....

I wanna' see Walker dunk on Glen Davis

Davis is a handful. All we got is Sheldon to deal with him. He's going to be a big problem for us in the playoff series. At least tonight is scrub night.

Davis is a liability on defense and gets into foul trouble. The Knicks need to attack him and force him to tire himself (and wrack up fouls) out on the defensive end trying to contain Stoudemire (who he'll probably be assigned to guard).

Rest everybody. Don't let Boston take anybody out before the playoffs.

Amar'e starting, playing limited minutes. Went to D'Antoni about 90 min. Before tip and said he wanted to go. Would've sat 11 days before G1

Jermaine o'neal is going to be on a mission to injure amar'e in tonight's game

Drinking game suggestion: Every time Von Wafer passes the ball to an official or scores the ball on the wrong basket, you have to take a shot.

Playing Amare in a meaningless game against one of the dirtiest teams in the league....not a good idea.

Once again, D'Antoni is a damn idiot. There is no reason whatsoever to play Amare tonight. If I'm Doc, I'm putting a hit out on Amare; first Celtic to send Amare to the floor gets a bonus.

I think we actually have a great chance against this team. They are really good but look out of sorts right now. They are very beatable.

Should be interesting. I hope Walker dunks on somebody's head.

Knicks need to beat the Celtics. Even if it's Reserves vs Reserves.
We can't let the media run their mouth entering the playoffs (Knicks are 0-4 against the Celtics bla bla bla).

Celtics are sitting O'Neal, and West from their bench so we'll be playing the end of their bench and their 3 stringers.  We got this!  

DO NOT RUN PLAYS. You do not want Boston scouting you in a meaningless game. They have 5 days to prepare for us and showing them our hand is not a good idea. I know Doc won't do the same.

We've faced Boston 3 times this year already pretty sure they know our plays by now

He's using new plays during the win streak.

Its not that difficult to watch film. Boston is going to know our plays. We are going to know Bostons plays. That's how it works in the NBA.

D. Brown is gonna throw down 50, count it, 50 dunks

Gonna be tough with Troy Murphy gaurding him

The Celtics cant dunk the ball for there lives

I guess the Celtic fans aren't too rowdy today

There's that soulcrushing offensive rebounding from Kristic.

Jared Jeffries sucks

Amare's' missed dunk was embarrassing but jeffries missed lay up is mortifying

This crowd 'oohhh' and 'ahhhhs' at every single possession

That ref is giant. He oughta be our C

I wish we had a big man

Is Balkman still on this team?

I think he was suspended after misunderstanding the whole "NBA Green" program.

Jesus, Marv last night, Heinsohn tonight. I'm in announcer hell over here.

Kristic sure does love to flop

That a boy Amar'e. Lowering the shoulder and giving it to Kristic.
Stat showing kristic what's coming for him.

Well some things won't change, Amare plays no defense?

Fields you have no clue when and how to double, or rotate. If Wafer eats you up whats that say about our starting 2 guard?

Sasha Pavlovic looks so much like a college student from Westchester.

Landry's' lateral quickness is so bad

Thou shall not speack bad about Landry YOu must learn to phrase it in a positive way

Landry's lateral quickness reminds me of a delightfully strolling tortoise

In the next 2 weeks, we're gonna HATE some of these role players for the Celtics.

Boston announcers are ridiculous..we don't have anyone who can guard Jeff green...really that's the least of our worries

The real question here is, do we guard anybody? I've seen many of a player have the best game of their playing days against us this year.

God I hope we beat the Celtics because they have it coming. Smug ass announcers giving us no respect.

I think D'Antoni forgets some of the players on our roster. I don't even think he knows who Renaldo Balkman is.

Gotta love it...talking about food, they zoom in on Fat Baby.

Never thought Jeff green was special and I still don't

Shawne Williams is so garbage, can't dribble for his life.

I hate our bench. Toney and OG are the only reliable people and they are short.

If the bench plays like this in the playoffs we are done quik

Their bench making it look easy

Dam I really wish we had a legit center.

Kinda hoping someone crack arroyo across the eye socket Never really liked the guy

Sheldon can probably slow down big baby

Sheldon should get pt he is our best center as far as scoring and rebounding goes he can hit the open j and he boxes out and hits the boards

Boston already know how to beat us

Haha walker playing dirty, don't waste it on a scrub Billy

Boston bench worry me

Glenn Davis is seriously Antoine Carr 2.0

There will be blood in this series

Amar'e's game looks like it's hibernating to me. He's a rhythm player so that could be a sign of trouble to come.

Why are we struggling against these dudes?

We're not really trying.

Anyone just saw Pierce trying to be a **** as Walker was at the line? I hope he gets injured.

It doesn't matter if they're not trying, they're absolute garbage.

For real.. We can't even stop thisfat bozo...glen Davis..

"The Celtics are going to use kristic to fight any key knick on the floor so they get suspended"

How are we going to stop Davis

Our bench really sucks. Bostons is playing without both oneils and west and there bench is still working us

I hope Jeffries gets an injury that last for the whole playoffs. That's the only way Mike will stop playing him

Boston bench is playing hard

Is there a single Knick that doesn’t get scorched off the dribble…by everybody?

Well Amar'e doesn't play D, so he hasn't had the opportunity to get burned

After the Celts bounce us out the playoffs, I hope this bum D'anton'i gets bounced out of New York. His whole style is a recipe for losing.

Ugh, of course, shelden is hurt. Why didn't he put Balkman and Jeffries in. Idiot.

Why? Why couldn't it have been Jeffries?

Sad thing is, these guys on the court should be the best defenders on our squad, do we expect Melo and Billups to make us a better defensive team? Yes we suck defensively, but to these scrubs? Come on now..

So when it comes down to it.. Our bench is no better than journeyman bench guys like waver, pavlovich, Murphy and some other guy I never heard of....

People act like shelden is going to win or lose this series for us, if that were the case, we don't even belong in the playoffs

He's our best post defender (yes, better than Turiaf). Losing him is pretty big.

Omg were gunna get blown out by bostons bench

How was that not a foul??? I feel we are going to get r*pped by the refs in this series

Shawn Williams should not be on an NBA team. He really is garbage.

Great now Boston is confident that their bench can kick our bench *** we truly have to rely on our big three to keep it close

What we're learning in Game 82 is the Knicks have no shot at beating Boston if Avery Bradley and Sasha Pavlovic play.

THis is Why I wanted Miami at least both teams have questionable bench players Boston Bench have potential starters