Everything But Belief - Book Preview

I wrote a book.

Started the week after Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals.

Motivated by the fact that I didn't want our team to go down just like that ... I was determined to let the whole world know who we are and what we are all about. It was hell when I started, since I already knew the aftermath and emotions were still at an all-time high. But as time passed, it became a meaningful experience.

After nine months of going back and forth at it, Everything But Belief is finally complete.

Below is an excerpt from the book. You may get a free chapter by following the instructions on its Facebook Page. Follow us on Twitter as well and stay tuned for its launch a few days before the playoffs kick in. I'm currently working on the site and once it's done will let the CelticsLife family be the first to know.

May this book spark passionate hope and continue to light a fire to the millions of bleeding green fans worldwide. Win or lose, Boston Celtics for life. - GA

EXCERPT from Everything But Belief

It's probably a surprise to have someone write a book on a team that didn't win the championship. You've probably heard in the NBA, how the team who finishes 2nd is the same as the one who finished 30th. And runner-ups are rarely remembered.

Not this one.

They are often dubbed as the "worthy opponent" of the said champion for that year. Or the (eastern) conference champion, and that's just about it. In the end, most likely their efforts will merely be placed in history books, coupled with a few words of consolation, along with a summary that reads - "Lost in the 2010 NBA Finals".

Not this one.

At least, not for me. And most especially not in the hearts of those who truly bleed green.

The 2009-2010 Boston Celtics tells the story of a team that had the desire to win it all. Again.

Standing in their way were 29 other teams, with a handful who appeared promising to become the next champion and one who looked poised to defend the title.

More importantly though, they came face to face with their greatest opponent: themselves.

Revealing itself in the form of questionable age and unpredictable health, almost everyone knew it might well be their last season to play together and give a wholehearted run at the championship. And if they were ever going to show the basketball world what a true Celtic is all about, they would not just need physical force, talent or skill - but they would need a lot of heart. They would need to believe.

And believe they did.

This is a story of their journey told from the eyes of one of their fans - a writer, who in a way, felt like he was a part of the team, sharing its range of emotional struggles, losses, victories, and lessons learned inside the locker room or in a 20 second timeout.

And no matter what the outcome of the final score in that last and soon to be legendary game displayed, he knew it was all worth it - becoming a Celtic. Even from a distance. Believing and becoming a part of a team rich in tradition and teamwork. Believing that together, anything is possible. Believing that in the end, you can look back at all those moments with pride and know that it was definitely, a run to remember.