Some Guy Not Named Blake Griffin Dunks Over A Car

This is the dunk that was causing a stir on the interwebs yesterday. You decide if it was better than Griffin's (seen after the jump). I also must add that if it was Lebron James that had dunked over the car in this year's contest he would have immediately had his people confiscate this tape of someone doing him one better. Now personally most people know that the best dunkers aren't in the NBA. They're usually players who had all the athleticism in the world, but not enough game or fundamentals to make it. In recent years we've seen videos of non NBA players doing a 720 and also a two handed dunk from the free throw line. I actually feel bad for Griffin because I think he just wanted to compete and win the contest legitimately, but then the NBA got in the way and named him the winner before the contest started and started telling him what car to jump over.

My main issue with Griffin's car dunk is he didn't really dunk over the car. It was more like he jumped over the side of the car. Not the same thing, at least to me.

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Btw, did anyone catch my "Guy" pun in the title of this post? That was me trying to be like all the other Celtics bloggers and writers using cheesy puns in titles. Personally I prefer not having to read "Celtics tune out the Jazz" every time Boston beats Utah or "Celtics cut down the Nets" every time we beat New Jersey, but to each his own.

Feel free in the comments to post youtube links to other great non NBA dunks as well as to remind me of other cheesy headlines Celtics bloggers and writers tend to use.