Ron Artest on the Miami Heat's "Crygate"

On Sunday after the Miami Heat's loss to the Bulls, Coach Erik Spoelstra told the media that "a couple of guys were crying in the locker room." Then on Monday, Spoelstra denied that he had said such a thing, claiming that the media had blown it out of proportion and terming it "Crygate."

Evidently, Spoelstra must be having some mental lapses if he can't remember something he said on national TV the day before. So who would better be able to analyze the situation than a man who is very experienced with mental and emotional issues himself: Ron Artest.

In speaking about the crying in the locker room, Artest said "I think it's good to cry... sometimes I cry with my therapist. We cry and we hug each other and we hold each other and we talk... I hope somebody hugged whoever was crying... I would have hugged them and gotten some ice cream."

Maybe Artest will have the opportunity to take some of the Miami squad out for ice cream on Thursday after their game against the Lakers, should the Heat experience another 4th quarter meltdown.