Adrian Dantley's Shaking in His Boots

A really interesting article I came across on Yahoo yesterday, regarding basketball coaches being replaced by computers.  It's a quick read and well worth it.  Tarek Kamil of 94Fifty Technology is the promoter and makes some really cool points.  Included he says:
A coach can tell me that [a player] needs to work on his left hand," Kamil said. "[But] we can tell you that his right hand is 14 percent more dominant than his left.
He goes on to talk about a variety of things- which plays are most successful, etc.  Kamil says he expects teams to consult computer technology within the next 20 seasons.

Based on all the advanced statistics that guys like Sam Presti of the Thunder and Darrel Morey of the Rockets swear by, I suppose this was inevitable.

Regardless of what happens, I still don't see Adrian Dantley getting a head coaching job anytime soon.