Perkins trash talks Heat, Dwyane Wade

Perkins may not be sporting a Celtic uniform anymore, but he's still talking trash like one. It seems he's been making headlines left and right dishing out insults to Boston's rivals ever since the the trade. I guess it's like CelticsLife said after the trade, "Once a Celtic, Always a Celtic".

Earlier this month, Perkins called the Lakers' Pau Gasol 'soft and Phil Jackson 'arrogant'. Go Perk.

That wasn't all that Perkins had to say about his former team's rivals. On Sunday, Perkins gave the Miami Herald an inside look at how the Boston Celtics view the Heat.

“[The Celtics are] arrogant in a good way,” he said. “Each guy feels they have a matchup to their advantage against Miami. They take it a lot personal when they play them.”

Perk goes on to say that Ray Allen will give Dwyane Wade fits because Wade falls asleep on defense.

“Dwyane falls asleep a lot. He doesn’t like to guard screen-and-rolls, and that’s what Ray specializes in. Dwyane doesn’t like to get picked. He’s a good on-the-ball defender as far as a guy dribbling, but he struggles getting over screens.”

Perkins didn't end there. He said that Chris Bosh "definitely" won't slow down KG, and that Garnett takes it personal when he goes against Bosh.

Perk said that the Celtics players never talked about any disdain for the Heat privately, but went on to speculate, "I know it’s in their heads, how everybody crowned them before they played a game.”