Doc Rivers Vetoed 1st Version of Perkins Trade

A day after Kendrick Perkins helped his new Thunder teammates defeat the Miami Heat by a 96-85 margin, ESPN Boston posted an article about Perkins' journey from the day of the trade deadline to his new home.

An interesting piece of the article revealed that Doc Rivers stopped an earlier trade deal which involved Perkins from going through, but eventually succumbed to the deal that sent Perk and Nate to OKC:

Perkins, of course, never made it back to the Pepsi Center for the game that night. After the shootaround, his agent, Bob Myers, called and told him of the possibility of a deal. Perkins had no clue.

"I was pretty surprised,'' Perkins told ESPNBoston via telephone. "I had no idea. I talked to Doc [Rivers] and he said he wasn't pushing it, that he was trying to stop it."

Rivers said he did stop it. That was Perkins Deal No. 1, according to the coach.

"At the time I talked to him, it was a different deal and I did put a stop to that one. But I also told him that something might still happen,'' Rivers said.

Soon, Perkins Deal No. 2 came along and Rivers then had to say goodbye to a player he had, he said, come to regard as a son.

I am curious as to the details of the first deal that Doc vetoed and who else it included.

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