Comments from the Other Side - Pacers 3/16

More than your usual wheelchair references today.  And the usual I hate KG stuff.  A whole lot of the refs are giving the game to the Celtics.  With a 33-13 free throw advantage for the Celtics,  I can see where they are coming from.  The Celtics did get more love from the referees than they usually do. In the previous games with these refs, the Celtics had a 33 free throw disadvantage so it was surprising that the Celtics got the calls.  Maybe it was the hug that Pierce gave Violet when he ran into her.  An interesting thread throughout the boards was how bad a defender Murphy is.  Maybe it isn't just rust and not knowing the system?  My favorite comment was this one:  ""Troy Murphy playing defense" has got to be the physical representation of Dividing by 0."  Enjoy today's Comments....

What is this junk? Celtics in green, Pacers banana’d.


I can't stand KG's personality But I love his passion.

Make the Green black and blue

Can't wait for Tyler or Josh to dunk on Troy Murphy.

Knowing he's a matador defender, he won't make any kind of attempt to prevent Tyler and Josh from getting in towards the basket.

If I were a betting man I would bet every penny I had on the Celtics winning tonight. Pacers are coming off an emotional win just last night and the Celtics just lost to the Nets and in fact they have lost 3 out of 4. Nets, Sixers and Clippers. Unless they have injuries I am unaware of, no way the Celtics lose tonight

Let's just hope they play Troy Murphy 35 minutes.

I must admit, I am really stoked about seeing our guys play Troy. Well, I am more excited about the Tyler/Garnett matchup. Kevin is such an ahole and Tyler won't take any of his crap. Should be epic.

Somebody please posterize Troy tonight!

Somebody please posterize KG, but make sure to wear a cup.

Celtics don't look very good/interested right now Hopefully this is the whole night from them.

The refs have seemed a little disinterested so far as well...

Kristic is no Brad Pitt

what's up with these touch fouls? That one went against Boston, but it was still almost nothing. They’re not calling hacks but theyre calling that?

Damn I hate KG.

Ya think Hans is getting under KG's skin yet?

KG is pushing Hansbrough everytime he gets close to him

The Celtics look like **** on the offensive end. Now I'm not surprised the Nets beat them holding them to just 79 points.

They have not been the same team since the trade

Wow can't believe these Celtics' announcers been doing it for 30 years...they irk me so bad

I think the Celtics are playing sloppy now....something seems to be "off" about them.

If I believed that the Pacers needed an additional PF to add to the roster in the offseason....I would guess that Big Baby fits the "blue-collar" type of Player that Bird likes to have on his roster.

I don't want big baby. Who will cook for him? If he gets hungry he'll eat DC

Violet palmer is easily the worst official in the league.

Troy Murphy is in the game. We are going to win.

They sould've retired the Celtics #8 I can’t picture anyone but Antoine Walker wearing it. But I understand they’ve only got about six numbers to choose from nowadays.

Murph looks like he needs a good meal And a better haircut

Celtics getting all the calls.

I'd say no one is getting any call. Wildly inconsistent.

Rondo's definitely hurt I know the Celts are sliding a bit but he’s not doing much to stop it, the opposite really.

Both O'Neals hurt again? Or just old? Resting for playoffs?

All of the above

JO's going to be legitimately injured until the day he dies

I've never seen Nenad Krstic play this hard And no, hitting people with chairs doesn’t count

This ain't no Knicks defense No easy ones in the paint tonight.

Hansbrough is getting pushed a bit – he won’t take that for very long. I predict a couple techs on both sides

Announcers are annoying they seem to bitch after every call that goes against the Celtics

If I wanted to here old people complain, I'll visit a nursing home.

How do 90 year old guys beat you down the court?

With... Motorized wheel chairs

Man, Celts know how to play some D. Pacers, take some notes.

Troy Murphy is the new Brian Scalabrine for the Celtics.

GOsh how many fouls are they not calling on the Celtics!

Murphy's nose is the closest thing Boston will ever have to having another Larry Bird .. Hahaha

The Celtics get so many calls it really makes me sick to my stomach.

Jeff Green isn't nearly as good as Granger.

The ref's are gonna do anything they can to possibly get the C's to win to keep the home court advantage to the wire in the east. They are calling the most bull**** fouls on us.

Apparently when Garnett pushes off it is a foul on Hansbrough.

Paul "I need a wheelchair" Pierce hits the three.

The C's are a great defensive team... Don't get me wrong. But their reputation as tenacious allows them to get away with murder on defense.

Its hilarious how physical they can be and in the same game with the same refs, we can't do a thing.

Between whats his name and tommy heinson the Celts have the most ridiculously homeristic color team of anyone in the league.

Pierce And Violet Palmer embrace – how appropriate, she has his back.

Boston has gone to the line 22 times - Pacers 5 I try not to whine about fouls..but this is stupid.

I'm about to endorse the "they want fouls, let Posey show em a foul" approach

We get a call! YAY!

Rondo is a hell of a passer.

I've never seen a worse officiated game in my life

Bad enough having to deal with great D from Boston, even worse went so many bad calls go against you.

Pierce is all smiles. Must of gotten new rims on his wheel chair before the game

Is funny to see Troy Murphy trying to play some D

I really hope we don't play Boston in the playoffs because I cannot watch games officiated like this.

"Troy Murphy playing defense" has got to be the physical representation of Dividing by 0.

I want Jeff Green 2bad Celtics wont be letting him leave.

I wish we could get a defensive reputation So we could get away with not being called on fouls like that.

It's so easy to be tough when the game is given to you.

I would be instructing my team to flagrant foul from here on out, if they're gonna call fouls regardless.

You know the officiating is bad when Heinsohn has complained less than 20 times on the other side.

I am convinced it is the system in Boston that causes such great defensive performances. Delonte West, Nenad Kristic, and Jeff Green were not known as good defensive players but they are busting their tails off out there with the Celtics. Garnett and Pierce are on the bench and the Celtics are still shutting the Pacers down

Boston is a good defensive team because of the refs tonight

Wow Paul Pierce you is a classless clown.

Pierce is a joke. He needs a new wheelchair.

Only Celtic I have respect for is Ray Allen.

Posey needs to GTFO with the happy chatter with scumbag Garnett post whistle.

Guarantees in this world - death, taxes, and Tommy Heinsohn challenging every call against the Celtics.

Might feel all right facing the Celtics in the postseason If we can get an evenly called game.

Ummm can we get like a 9 second violation?

Nice acting, Glen At least sell it.

Murph is not a handsome man.

Let's hope the Pacers take their frustration out on Chicago.

I'd be more impressed if we beat the Bulls than the Celtics.

Mark up another hose job by the beloved officials go figure getting real old