Comments from the Other Side - Timberwolves 3/28

The last 2 games were too depressing for Comments.  Fans started by saying there was no way their team could win because they were so bad and ending up talking about how bad the Celtics are..  Finally the Celtics were able to pull one out at the end, even though they gave up a 25 point lead in the meantime.   Another game where there were a lot of Caltics fans in the building.  As much as I loved Ricky D as a Celtic, I'd have to be very desperate to wish him back.  Wolves fans are getting desperate.  I also loved the PTSD (Post Traumatic Sasha Disorder)  and Darko's evil twin Sucko.... Enjoy today's comments ...

I have the strange feeling we'll pick up a win tonight.

Obviously, it sucks to see Kevin Love out but I'd love to see Randy starting another game.

I really wish we had one more Knicks game and Randolph would drop 50 on Amare's toilet paper defense. When Randolph slams home the game winning dunk the ball slams through so ferociously it bounces up into Antoni's face and breaks his nose. Then Randolph stares him down and cries him a river with a depression that rocks D'antoni to the very core of his sole. He's never the same again and retires to live out his days quietly in Italy. Unable to smile because he has received the Randolph affliction.

We'll probably lose even though Boston has been struggling some lately. We are playing good though, so who knows.

We have not beat the Celtics since the KG trade. I don't think we'll start now.

Celtics are completely tired of the season and waiting on the playoffs. Wolves might win.

Boston's not in a good place. Home losses to Memphis and Charlotte, consecutively.

There is always a chance the Wolves can win a game like this, rather than being the healing balm other franchises need to prepare for the playoffs.

I continue to hate the Perkins trade... When and if they overpay to extend Green, that'll be worse.

Thanks to these two, the Timberwolves are on their way to a dynasty.

I have a nasty feeling about Garnett getting into Anthony Randolph's head in this game.

As long as he doesn't elbow his junk.

It was a punch, not an elbow

So to recap: If KG gets into something of Randolph's, we prefer that it happen above the waist and above the elbow?

Ultimate test for AR. Playing against his idol & a legend he wants to play like. Hopefully he'll dominate.

Knicks fans are on suicide watch.

I'm a little bit sleepless due the time change, and count Sheep doesn't work . I'll try watch the Wolves.

I'm getting tired of Darko's hands. And I don't know who all the people cheering for the Celtics at the Target center are, but if they were Timberwolves fans 5 years ago I hope they choke to death on their Wolf Wings.

Freaking traitor fans cheering for Boston buckets. Bunch of Telly Hughes'.

'm sick of the Celtic bandwagon at Target Center.

Gaaah Boston feed nooooooo

We will get no rebounds against the Celtics first line

It muss be nice playin on de Celtics. You can get any call u want.

My gosh KG did a great job distributing the ball there, twice. The one-handed thing to start with was beautiful.

Amazing how a shorter, older, and slower Pierce has figured out a way to consistently draw fouls vs. A younger, bigger, and more athletic Beasley.

We scored!

You're with Boston now?


I just assumed if you were referring to scoring points, you had to be rooting for the green jerseys.

Sorry, just got it. I’m a little slow.

You *must* be a Minnesota fan after all then.

Darko's miss on the layup just now was like a Globetrotter routine gone bad.

Doc rivers is a terrific coach He got his team up to play the lowly twolves, but rambis couldn’t get us up to play the Celtics (with KG).

Evening all. The tenor of comments is not encouraging Let’s look at the sco… crap.

Allen's not human.

Glen Davis just shut Beasley down.... … effectively

On the bright side, Nenad Krstic aint getting shit down low on us

I love NBA bigs who look like Trigonometry teachers.

I like ones with four consecutive consonants in their last name

Wolves fans should leave. Every single wun UV dem.

It's all Celtics fans at the Target Center wouldn’t make a difference

On the bright side, this might be the game that closes the door on Rambis????

The existence of Ray Allen should really be the clear evidence to Rambis that his three point defense philosophy just isn’t sustainable.

This is crazy, I hope the 375 Wolves fans at Target center  stage an impromptu walkout

Has Kurt Rambis just allowed the C's to go on a 17-0 run before taking a timeout?

Get in Randolph in there so I can elicit joy from the anguish of fans on the knicks board.

Over/Under on the final being 160-50?

Could we beat the C's bench? This team is just stacked.

“bandwagon fans are annoying”. Look at all the green shirts.

Delonte West has the thank god they cut me face on

If we get within 15 somebody call me. Imma go slam my head in a door for a while.

We are at 19 points. This can happen. Eyes up, people. Here it comes. Huge comeback. Rivers of points.

Technically it's possible. By which I mean, maybe we can get Kenny Mauer on our side this time?

It’s like watching a lab experiment with swimming rats right here, waiting for them to give up.

Beasley dribbling reminds me of sinbad after he washed his hands with novacaine

It's *still* only 13. Comeback. Underway.

Doc isn't going to be happy at halftime They’ve should have put us in a coffin, said the service, held the wake, moved on and met someone in a bar by now.

I'm kinda regretting not changing to the Celtics when KG got traded there. I mean, look what we are now.

LOL probably more Celtics fans in the target center than wolves fans lol.

Is that doc yelling travel every time we have the ball?

Pierce can dunk????

Darko is so feather soft its ridiculous

Krstic needs a haircut

he's probably scared it won't come back Holdin on for dear life to each wispy strand

Hooray for Darko! I just hope his evil twin Sucko doesn’t show up

"With the Celtics up 3, Doc is upset with the refs." Makes you wonder which is the cause and which is the effect.

This is AMAZING. Come back from a 20 point lead by the Celtics?

They'll still finish us off in the 4th.

Pavlovics in the game, we got this in the bag

Hahahahahaha I just tuned in to see Sasha freaking Pavlovic. It was like I had some war flashbacks.

PTSD Post Traumatic Sasha Disorder

Lets talk about blocks. 8-0 for the Wolves. You'd think they could use a guy like Perkins

It was awesome We shut them down.

Boston got complacent and stopped moving the ball in Qtr 2, and it's kind of snowballed. My take.

Glad to see the Wolves are tempting us again by staying close, only to snatch defeat from the mandibles of victory in the fourth.

Victory has mandibles. It’s a little like a preying mantis. Lures us close enough to f*** with us, and then kills and eats us.

Like an entomological Venus Half-Court Fly trap

Big Baby on Randolph is a bizarre matchup.

Is this...effort?

I wish we played the crap teams this hard. We’d have some wins.

I hear the crowd making some noise. That almost never happens.

Big Baby should be kicked in the face so hard it shatters bones...

This is going to be another one of those damn "just miss" games against Boston. This is another damn trap. Every year we "almost" beat them and get out hears broken.

This a home game for Boston. Terrible.

Never thought I'd see 60% green in the stands.

Man, I hate the Celtics whenever we play them. They always just skim a win off us. Every time. It's like they play bad on purpose just to screw us in the end.

Is this a coincidence? We lose by 3 points AGAIN to the Celtics.  That's three times in a row...

Nope. Sick twisted NBA history. The KG curse. I guess that means he will win three rings.

Can we bring back Ricky Buckets, we haven't had a player that dynamic since... Well we had Ricky. I can't imagine France is that much better than Minnesota. I think its safe to say Webster's ceiling is Ricky Davis maybe a little lower but nowhere nearly as durable. He's only 31

We're undefeated in moral victories

Flynn and Arroyo had the same stat line - our #6 pick is the equal to a borderline NBAplayer

Celts are old. They should be tired. Course, they didn't have to come back from 25.

Are those thundersticks? Is there actually, dare I day it, energy in the Target Center?

Probably Celtic fans....

Should we be encouraging our players to breed? There’s the genes of great players there. Like Darkolliver.

Only if Darko will carry the child, And then miss another several months due to maternity leave.

How embarrassing is it that the "home" crowd is going nuts for Boston?

I think they're hoping that the Celtics will just get confused and stay here

How did Allen block that shot from AR? Defies physics!

I can't remember the last time I saw the Wolves fight this hard on the boards as a team.

Darko = butter fingers

I don't think that's Darko    Sucko has made his return…damn

Gah! There aren't enough beers in the world to make watching this slow-motion train wreck of a season palatable.

We play just well enough to lose close games to good teams, and just badly enough to lose to poor teams in a blowout. This is a team in dire need of a sport psycologist!