Comments From the Other Side - Jazz 2/28

Just like with every game, there was the usual wheelchair reference, the complaints about so many Celtics fans in the building, and the Celtics are too old to run with us comments.  And for a team that took 12 more free throws than the Celtics, they sure did complain a lot about the refs.  The refs were just bad last night.  I could have pointed out an equal number of bad/no calls against the Celtics.   It was bad both ways.  Most of the chat from Jazz fans was about their own new players making their home debut.  They are really liking the exchange of Williams for Harris and Favors.  I can't blame them.  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side....

Easy win for the Jazz.

This will be our sixth home loss in a row. I expect us to play it close for 2 1/2 quarters then get blown out

I've seen both Celtics games since the trade--- they haven't been great. Hopefully we can pounce on them early and get this one.

A Celtics team that "haven't been great" of late is still 100X better than our "will simply suck for the rest of the season" Jazz team.

I think the Jazz can win this one. They have the home crowd and hopefully also have learned from their mistakes of rebounding and will make a more concerted effort to clean up the boards this time out. Jazz usually come out very focused after a loss so let's see if they rise to the challenge of a beating a top contender.

I want to see Derrick Favors cram a few in on KG and whatnot. Jazz can win this bad boy.

The Celtics aren't the same bad boy team without Perkins. And the Celtics are a horrible rebounding team

I think Boston has the edge in 4 out of the 5 starters, and our bench sucks. Although I think they can beat Boston.

The Celtic fans in the arena outnumber any visiting team fans I've ever seen. That includes laker fans. I feel like I'm in Boston.

Add the NBA TV guys giving to pregame intro to the Celtic fan club.

Boston really has no one to contain Big Al with Perkins gone.

Celtics can't run with us if we push it.

We need to run - The Celtics are old and can't keep up

Is it me or pierce gets a call eveytime someone passes near him?

He's a huge flopper

They have the wheelchair on standby it's part of the Celts' team equipment

Boston getting calls like crazy

Jazz get mugged and barely get a call Touch Paul Pierce and it’s free throws

Ray Allen w/ the foul... Awesome

With both Jermaine and Shaquille out of action, we've got a fighting chance. Not to mention they traded away Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson. They've got some scrubs coming off the bench right now and that's really helping Utah out.

The C's get every call!!!!!

Having 2 new players has got us all pumped up, win or lose.

Refs won't let us win this game.

Can we get a freaking whistle? Do you need to be 35yrs old to get a call?

If that was Paul Pierce in the place of Watson, he would of acted like he died and got the call. If you couldnt tell, Pierce is the player I despise the

I think Harris just carried the ball and it wasn't called

It looked like millsap used his forearm to make room to get that shot off

Pierce doesn't believe he's actually fouled someone in his entire career

I'm changing my stance on the refs, I think they have just been awful in general. Let them play dammit, Crawford always trying to get his face on TV.

Well if Ray Allen hadn't gotten hot, we could even have the lead here.

Anyone else impressed that NBA TV managed to dedicate the entire halftime commentary to the Celtics new team with zero analysis of the Jazz?

Big baby reminds me of this fat kid across the street Looking at him you’d think he’d be a slug but he could really move, and had a sweet jumper to boot. Only got an inch or so off the ground on that jumper, but still.

Cant belive they traded Perk

Big Al is beasting!  No Perkins to stop him.  Think Celtics made a mistake.  We've played the Thunder a lot and I don't see Green and the other guy they got making them better.  They gave up a lot of toughness and defense.   

Pierce is one of the most hateable players on the league

I'll let Rondo take 15 footers all night. Until he learns to hit those I can’t take him seriously as a top 3 PG in the NBA.

This is great 8 on 5 offense.

BS man, BS. KG is so dirty

This is fun to watch. Can’t imagine what it would be like to be Boston and get everyone’s best shot every night

Jazz need to win this to shut KG up

I think I've seen a total of five moving screens by the Celtics the last few possessions

I love how the referees blow the whistle if you so much as breathe too hard on Pierce.

Joey Crawford would rape our mothers if he knew where they lived.

I routinely go off on people that blame losses on the refs, but this is absolute garbage.

Man, can you imagine if one of our SGs was half the player Ray is?

That looked like a clean strip by Allen. But with all the bull calls, we deserved that one.

Boston hitting all the clutch shots, but they were given the lead 4 minutes ago by Mr Crawford

We still could've won this if we'd hit free throws, but this loss is on the refs, straight-up.

Just a poorly officiated game

I hate the Celts almost as much as the Lakers now

Ray Allen is the only respectable guy on their team

Still hate him tough

Come on, guys. I wanna blame the refs as much as you. There were some really questionable calls, but we still shot 12 FTs more than the Celtics.

I'd blame whoever left Paul Pierce wide open for that three before I'd blame the refs.

Being pissed at the refs gives me the catharsis they denied me by stealing the game.. Or at least influencing it more than they should.

Beer helps

I wish the jazz had ray Allen...but no we go raja fail

Wish the Jazz had a guy with just half of Ray Allen's shooting ability.

there's not much you can do when ray gets hot like that. The shots he hit over AK and on the break (catch and shoot) were just ridiculous.

I hate it when there are as many of the other Celtics fans in the building as Jazz fans.  Where where they when their team sucked.  f***ing bandwagoners.

Those bandwagoners need to go back to Boston.

They live in the SLC I’ll bet anything, stupid tools

Oh gawd when LA comes to town it's much worse. Besides they are probably Romney’s kin.