Comments from the Other Side - Bucks 3/13

 Considering the beat down the Celtics gave them, the Bucks fans were pretty cool about it.  They were pretty down on their own team.   All in all Bucks fans weren't vindictive and that's pretty refreshing since most fans would be wishing for death and injury on the Celtics.  Nice to have comments from a win again.  Enjoy! 

I feel like if we get hot we could beat them, the Magic/Bulls and the Lakers on the way to the title

Don't see us winning if only because Celtics losing 3 in a row is rare. They will come to play for this one for sure, and in the end they are just better.

Look for Bogut to own Krstic and pickup one tech in a another spat with KG. Bucks need this game more than the Celtics do and will play like it.

Worst road trip scenario ever. Late home game, head out east (lose an hour) and turn the clock forward (lose another hour) then play a local 6 p.m. Start against a quality team..... Loss.

Why do I have a sick feeling kg is going to do something dirty like push Bogut on his back on a break away, Bogut turns around, punches him, and is suspended for the rest of the year?

I anticipate the Celtics fooling around until the fourth quarter, but ultimately attempting to win this game. Here's hoping the Bucks take advantage of that, and get the win.

I see the Celtics tanking the game to try to fall down to the 2 seed to avoid a Bucks/Celtics first round match up.

Go Bucks. I want a better draft pick and in between games I hope for losses but I lose myconviction when they hit the floor. And good lord do I hate KG.

I like Green, but I still feel like the Celtics may have made a mistake trading Perkins. Celtics probably win Game 7 against the Lakers if he hadn't hurt his knee. Too bad Ray is on the Celtics. Otherwise I really can't stand them.

Before they traded Perkins I had the Celtics coming out of the east, now I'm not so sure. I could definitely see Chicago winning the east and you can't count out MIami.

Hope you guys win this one. You have the whole Bulls board supporting the Bucks tonight.

The way they've been playing this is a perfect time to play Boston.

Nenad Kristic, what have you done with Kendrick Perkins?!1111

The Bucks should be awarded a point if they are able to get a shot off before the 24-second clock expires.

Very surprised they didn't get Sanders for a foul there

KG is sweating like he's playing in a game 7 Well, I mean, we ARE the Bucks.

Its all that coconut water he has been flogging

I still cant belive Kristic plays for the C's its offensive

I wonder if we're gonna get 10 points this quarter..

Is Boykins the only player on the Bucks that can shoot off the dribble?! I’m serious.

Bogut should shut it down for the season if he cant handle Kristic

NBA low this season for points in a quarter is 9.

Miami and Milwaukee can now be compared in a statistic :]

CEltic court looks ugly.

Bucks are playing like a team that just got done playing another game 19 hours ago.

That probably has something to do with it too.

I'm not particularly impressed by that old school Bucks logo It looks like Rudolph the reindeer’s head has been attached to the body of Mr.Tumnus from the lion the witch and the wardrobe

What are the odds that we dont break 50......

We will dominate this team in a playoff series.
If Garnett, Ray, Pierce, Shaq, Baby, Rondo, and Troy Murphy are injured.

If anybody's wondering we're on pace for 50 points this game.

Lets see, 2nd best D in league at playoff intensity + worst offense in league = shocking that we can't score.

Thank God we signed Brockman to a 3 year deal. We will then have in our possession for the next 2 seasons hands down THE worst player (I can't even put the word basketball in front of "player") in the entire National Baseketball Association

We look like a middle school team out there. Do our players even have brains?

Seriously how are we even going to break 50 Unless the C’s feel sorry and shut it down in the 3rd and give us some charity

Bucks really thrive at not scoring.

Maggette came into the game and I turned it off. I cannot even stomach looking at that turd

Take Brockman out. Useless. He did a nice job grabbing that loose ball and then taking his time to look for an open player. And then threw it to the one area of the court with no bucks in it

I think we'll REALLY ''scare the hell out of Boston'' in a potential playoff series if we can score 60 tonight.

Bogut needs to do something about Kristic, I suggest the old clothes line

Throw a chair at him

Can we like tap out and end this now?

I say we petition the NBA. Allow us to trade Maggette for 15 points

I'm down with losing if it gets Skiles fired!!

The scary thing is the Celtics are coasting. What if they were playing with anything resembling playoff type intensity??

The Bucks are actually the ones coasting,which is forcing the Celtics to only have to coast,which will lull the Celtics into a coasting like sleep when we play them in the playoffs. The Celtics are actually aware of this but they are too scared to react in fear that the Bucks might put the foot on the gas and dominate them.

Its like we won 3 in a row, no use bothering to put in an effort against the C’s tonight we cant beat them, lets save the effort for another night

Which is actually sort of logical until you remember that the reward for saving effort for other nights and winning in those other nights is a first round date with… the Celtics.

Refs calling 3 second violations so the Bucks don't look as bad

This is the team that people want to see us play in the 1st round, because they are old.

Salmons ballhandling....he makes Ray Allen look like Pistol Pete.

We're tanking.
We have to be tanking.
Tell me we're tanking.

John Salmons is such trash.

Just sit back and enjoy. He'll get better in the next 4 years of his deal.

This is where Dorthy confirms with Toto that they're not playing Cleveland, Washington, or Philly.

Okay, if I see Rondo doing that Globetrotter crap on me, I deck him. Show some fight.

Why take Bogut out?

Because he's Australian In addition to hating CDR, Skiles is racist.

Lets just tank because this pathetic team has 0% chance of winning a series in the playoffs!

The money we're spending on Brockman should be used on a top notch medical staff.

The Bucks are about to go the final 5 minutes of the third without scoring a single point and it has nothing to do with Boston's defense.

Suspense Can the Bucks score 12 points in the 4th quarter to avoid the record for fewest points in a game?

On a plus note. The Bucks hold the vaulted C's to 60 through 3.

Some people think this is a Disney movie and if we just believe hard enough, we'll overcome the much more talented but mean team and win the championship game!

Murphy is still a terrible defender.

In a sick way is anyone kind of rooting for the fewest points record?

The Milwaukee Hawks, ironically, hold the lowest FG% in a game with 22.9. We are at 27.8.

There are no back to backs in the playoffs so we'll be fine

It better if there was , because the Celtics are old.

Honestly I'm going to be rooting for the Celtics this postseason....other than garnett I really like the team and the way they play.

Since I do not like Miami or Chicago I Agree with you.

Pierce and his soccer-style acting gets old too. I otherwise agree.

I would like to see him come out from halftime in a wheelchair.

Yeah, but you got to have a guy like that come playoff time when your're going against the lebrons and kobes in this league. The alternative is svg and howards approach.... And we know that works for ****. Fight fire with fire is the way I see it. Pierce is a guy you hate if you dont like his team, but come playoff time in the big ones he has a way of keeping the refs honest in a matchup with those other guys.

What the hell happened tonight?