Today's Video: Nenad Kristic shows us what he can do

Here are Nenad's highlights from last night. Also Jeff Green's, but his performance was rather underwhelming in my opinion. Now just because Nenad had a lot of adrenaline flowing and tried to win over his new teammates in his first game with hustle on the offensive boards, please don't overreact and say he'll be as good or better than Perk. Come on people, we're better than that (Mark Jackson voice)! We're going to miss our defensive anchor when it counts, also known as the playoffs.
Maybe it's because the Celtics don't put too much of an emphasis on offensive rebounding, preferring to fall back on defense rather than chase putbacks, but as newly acquired center Nenad Krstic hauled in offensive carom after offensive carom Saturday night, coach Doc Rivers turned to top assistant Lawrence Frank and asked if this was normal for him.

"I said, 'Does he do that all the time?' and Lawrence said, 'If he did, I'd still be in New Jersey,'" Rivers relayed with a smile. Frank coached Krstic during his four seasons with the Nets at the start of his NBA career.