NBA Trade Buzz III

Here's some of the buzz as we're now 7 and a half hours away from the trade deadline.

  • Baron Davis was traded (with an unprotected 1st rounder) to CLE for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon
  • Kirk Hinrich was traded to the Hawks for the corpse of Mike Bibby and a pick
  • Some controversy over a tweet that was attributed to Semih Erden where he claims his agent is telling him all that stands in the way of a trade to the Rockets is him passing a physical. Twitter account has now been deleted.
  • Mavs are looking to trade for either J.R. Smith or Tayshaun Prince.
  • Blazers and Cavs are after Gerald Wallace, but MJ might be getting cold feet.
  • Mark Cuban is pissed at the NBA for allowing the Landry trade to the NBA owned Hornets. “I don’t need to be competing economically with the league and myself.” He has a point.
  • The Buffoon Chris Wallace is considering trading Thabeet and a 1st rounder for Shane Battier. This way he would avoid blowing another lottery pick.

Stick with us throughout the day for more trade news and rumors.