Deadline looms for Celtics

At 41-14 the Boston Celtics sit one game ahead of the Miami Heat in the loss column for the eastern conference lead. While sitting atop the conference is always welcome at the trade deadline the urgency to both add depth and stay ahead of the heat seems to be increasing by the day, well, that is from where I am sitting on the eve of the NBA trade deadline. Simply put the Celtics must add first a wing that can defend two guards and/or small forwards and knock down perimeter shots which is why we have been hearing names like Richard Hamilton, Anthony Parker, Shane Battier, Michael Pietrus, Jared Dudley, Grant Hill and before he ended up in NY, Corey Brewer. With Marquis Daniels looking more and more like he may be gone for the long haul adding this piece is crucial to save the legs of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen for the championship run at Banner 18. At the same time the Celtics MUST find away to keep winning as home court despite the Celtics ability to win big games on the road is more important than most realize. Why? Simple, if the Celtics finish with the top seed they will avoid a 2nd round matchup with either the Heat or the surging Chicago Bulls and most likely face the Orlando Magic who, unless their struggles turn into a free fall will be the #4 seed with home court advantage in the first round against the Hawks or the Knicks. If the Celtics slip to #2 they'll have to get through both Chicago and Miami without home court in the conference finals. Impossible? Far from it, but definitely more challenging than it needs to be. With the eastern conference getting stronger by the day both today and for the foreseeable future the time is now for the Celtics. Time to add that needed piece before the deadline, time to approach every game with great focus and time to make sure the team is in the best position possible to go get Banner 18.

Tomorrow at NOON from the Dime Magazine office I will be hosting an NBA Trade Deadline 30 minute special going over the deals that have already gone down and the one's still looming as we move towards 3pm.

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