Marquis Update: Bruised Spinal Cord

According to Sherrod Blakely's twitter, Marquis Daniels has a bruised spinal cord and is out indefinitely.  He says the "Best-case scenario is Marquis Daniels (will) return in 1-2 months."

According to Children's Hopsital of Stanford:

There is no cure to repair a damaged or bruised spinal cord. The severity of the SCI and the location determines if the SCI is mild, severe, or fatal.

I'm hoping it's not serious but my intuition tells me Marquis is likely done for the season, and quite possibly, his basketball career.  Here's hoping I'm totally wrong on this and that he can be back in 2 months, which would be right in time for the playoffs to begin. 

The person who may feel this the most is Harangody.  I'd wager that Danny would move Luke for a future second rounder to open up a roster spot to try and acquire a legit back-up 3.  Wafer and West just won't cut it, although a lot of times last year, Ray and Tony Allen played together, so perhaps they think Wafer can manage.