In Danny I Don't Trust Anymore

Alright, I need to write this in order to move on. In order to welcome our new players and continue being a fan of the Celtics I need first to get it off my chest. I need also to apologise because I won't structure this post, I don't feel in the mood and with the ability right now (5:00 a.m. here in Europe) to do so. I will just explain my points and then try to get some sleep after this crazy day.

Danny Ainge has disappointed me very much today, to a point that I didn't expect. He said he liked his team, and after the injury on Marquis Daniels he shakes the structure of the Eastern Conference champion and current holder of the best record in the East. Adding Rasual Butler, Anthony Parker or just any other forward with some decent D would have been enough Danny. No need to touch on any core player. We needed what Marquis was giving us, nothing more, nothing else. With the return of Delonte and the emergence of Wafer the need was also somehow diminished. Wasn't Parker enough? He is arguably better than Marquis. Hell, even Brian Scalabrine would have been enough during this stretch to calm the spirits and give us some valuable minutes from the bench. Oops, I forgot you didn't even try to bring him back, what a memory I have.

In any case, let's get back to the problem itself: Danny has said that Perk had rejected his extension offer and that they couldn't offer more than what they did. If you remember, that offer was 22 million for 4 years deal. In the meantime you have no problem offering 12 for 2 years to a guy than can barely walk at this stage of his career (Jermaine). Then you have the courage to say that you expect that same guy and a hurting 38 year old legend to heal and be able to substitute Perk's value for this team. Do you expect us to believe that too, Danny?

Mr Ainge has also said that they feared losing Perkins in free agency because "he wanted to test the market". I am now asking you Danny: so what? You tested the market with Ray to a point where he lost his shooting touch last year and you seemed to have no problem with that. You offer a laughable contract to a key player in your team and you want us to look at him as a greedy and selfish person? Perk is worth much more than that, and yes you could have been able to resign him for just a little more. He was asking for a 30/ 4 deal and you haven't been capable of reaching a very decent request. Perk could have settled for more but he asked for a fair deal and you wouldn't even wait until the summer and think about it. That's very intelligent, Danny.

Kendrick Perkins is a main reason why the Celtics are what they are. He is the defensive anchor, the force and soul of the structure of this team. And beyond his value as a center, is his value to his teammates, to the fans and to the Celtics culture. Danny, you had a true Celtic and you sold him. In times when players and teams just talk business you traded a guy that came back from injury more than one month ahead of schedule, a guy that gave it all for his team and for the Celtics tradition. A guy that simply says "I am a Celtic" when justifying why he is going to sacrifice his health to return sooner than expected just before learning he is going to be traded.

Danny, you traded a part of us fans today too.

But after all, we shouldn't be surprised when you release a player after playing with a broken ligament during a game (remember Leon Powe against the Bulls in '09), you lowball Tony Allen during the summer to see him go to the Memphis Grizzlies, you lose fan favourite Eddie House for a guy you will trade the next year, you lose a vital key for our success in '08 (Posey) to later regret it (as is has been admitted by Doc today when he tried to justify the value of newcomer Green in this team) and you trade young promising players like Erden for a second rounder.

Because Danny, you sell us that you want to get younger but then you just give them away. You lose them in free agency by not giving them the due respect but then you have no problem overvaluing veterans. You want to sell us into this rejuvenating process but you contradict yourself.

Today you really proved that at least you have lost a believer, and I am sure other fans will think the same. You traded away a vital part of our team, and we may very well pay the price in the playoffs and for the rest of the regular season. You have severely risked the chemistry of this team when we were marching towards the best record in the conference, securing home court advantage in the playoffs. Did you have to do all this, and now?

Kendrick Perkins was, is and will ever be a Celtic and he will always be remembered. As for you Danny, at least have the courage to tell the truth and not manipulate the facts. Don't sell us a greedy Perk and a victim Danny.

Let's move ahead with the truth.

Tomorrow morning I will be ready to welcome Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic. But for now and for the next months and probably years I will just regret on the chances of securing the career of player that bleeds green and that has been so important for the new winning culture of the Boston Celtics.

Good night to all you fans and best of luck in Oklahoma City, Perk.