Grand Theft Rondo T-Shirt Giveaway Contest

Just a heads up that we're doing another t-shirt giveaway contest tonight on our facebook page later tonight. Tonight's giveaway features our very popular Grand Theft Rondo shirt that we came up with after Mark Jackson dubbed Rajon that back in June. We'll post the contest question here on the site a little bit earlier to give you a head start, so check in through the first half. Only contest guesses on the facebook page will be eligible and only one guess per person. Make sure you "like" us on facebook to be able to comment. Good luck!

Contest: Correctly guess the uniform numbers that both Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic will wear with the Celtics. So for example  you could guess "Green 20, Kristic 34." That would be a horrible guess as  both numbers are taken, but you get the point. First person to get both right wins. 

Contest will be up shortly on the facebook page at 11:25 PM EST