Comments From the Other Side - Warriors 2/22

This was a fun game to watch.  I love how the other teams always talk about how old the Celtics are and how they are going to get run out of the building.    I also loved how they start out complaining about how the Celtics always get the calls and end up with a 28-11 free throw disparity in their favor.  Horrible one sided officiating but the Celtics didn't let that stop them.   My favorite comments were the ones about leaving Ray Allen open being like playing Russian Roulette with all chambers full.  The Warriors fans were very upset about Ray's comments to his team before the game... but they had to admit by the end that he was right... Enjoy!!

This could be a really good game. But I am banking on a win. 4 of their guys are not going to be resting, they are going to be at the all star activities, and most of our guys will be rested and ready to play. I think Boston is older and comes out flat.

I like the Warriors chances, but if it comes down the refs in this game, we lose. The Celtics almost always win the FT battle because they know how to yell and flail and get the refs attention. Pierce does this almost constantly. If we lose because Pierce was a bitch and shoots 10+ FT's I will be royally pissed.

I'll root for the warriors like I always do. But I don't see the warriors pulling this one off

Celtics play great def and they executes their plays it going to hard for warriors to get a win. It will be a test for warriors def to stop their team play

One of the more elite teams in the NBA. We've upset the big three before, and there's no reason we can't do it again. However, I think we have lost momentum after All-Star Weekend.

Maybe but most our guys have been home or just a short flight away from home. The big 4 in Boston have all been partying it up in Los angelos the last 4 days or so..... And they old anyways (cept rondo) hopefully being out here on the west coast with a 10 30 eastern time tip off... Pierce and garnett will be passed out midway through the 2nd quarter.

If they win it will be because the refs handed them the game.  They always get all the calls.   

I pray we win my roommate is a Celtics fan

Someone bring a wheelchair and ask Paul Pierce to sign it.

Ancient vs Youth. We should win.

Beat these old farts down. Run their ***** off of the court and we got a shot to do it.

Is Murphy playing? He always kills Garnett. Hehe.

In the huddle before the game Ray Allen was saying "they don't belong on the same court as us." "They ain't no team" "They can't play in this league or with us." Just being a punk *** *****.

I officially hate Ray Allen

Pierce looks like a dirty person Not only when he’s playing but in real life he looks like a person that just smells bad

Rondo is so freaking good

Who would win in a fight Lee or KG

I got Lee, KG's all talk

KG only fights Euro's half his size.

God the crowd is cheering so loud for Boston I hate that shit

Shut up Boston fans Where do they always come from, geez

Where were these Boston fans when they were bad?

Celtics= Ugliest team in the NBA?

Knock rondo the bleep out

I hope someone makes a game winning shot at the buzzer….in Ray Allen’s face.

Lee sux against any decent front court defender And steph gets his 2nd because of his incompetence

80 Mil for a big who has no post game or Defense My lord…

Warriors are too dang soft! We need a banger, not necessarily someone huge, but someone who won’t back down from the “bullies” of the league like garnett, Perkins.

I hate the cheapest dirtiest team in the league with passion Cel-Tics are so freaken cheap and dirty.

When Garnett is sticking jumpers That means your going to get you a** kicked

Getting killed by rajon f***ing rando /throws self down stairs

When fouls are called fair the Celtics are garbage.

nobody's putting a body on rondo You gotta knock him around all game

Is that delonte west?

Delonte is an awesome dude, don't knock him Played with him here in Seattle a few times. Really cool guy. He just used to play pick up games with season ticket holders after practices

The Celtics gotta have 4 of my top 5 most hated players. Hate KG, hate Ray, hate big baby, and hate Pierce With Beidrens rounding out the list haha

How soon Ray Allen forgets Boston almost gave up on him and traded him to the Warriors.

Boston has to have the ugliest players ever assembled on a team..

If a team is allowed to play Boston as rough as Boston plays everyone, they get pissed.

Nice foul by Lee. Pierce almost needed a wheelchair.

I guess those who were mentioning referees and number of free throws are going to be quiet tonight.

Ooo big baby i’d love to him have on our team

A person that big should not be that agile...

Leaving Allen open is like playing Russian Roulette with bullets

Russian Roulette with every chamber filled.

What is up with so many leprechaun fans at oracle?

Warriors have made 15 FT and the Celtics have made 3 I'm loving this.

The Celtics have surrendered 60 points, some vaunted defense….., of course they’ve scored 60 as well, so the W’s defense can improve.

Why is Big Baby destroying Udoh?

Whos dumber JR smith or Nate Robinson ???

Definitely Nate. I have no idea what he's doing in this league, lol.

Nate, Delonte and that big Euro keeping the W's in the game

Celtics bench might be worse than ours

Boston's interior D is insane

Rondo is such a good defensive player.


I don't watch much ESPN, does Garnett still get called the Big Ticket ever? That’s my favorite nickname.

Nah he's the big asshole

Finally getting to the line

Play fast against these old men!

Celts can't put it away Problem old folks?

Crowd doesn’t seem into it. Or there are a lot more C’s fans??

I think it’s split a bit more evenly between Celtic and Warrior fans.

Rondo can shoot a little

Honestly I'd sh$% my pants if I was guarding KG....

They getting pushed inside for the rebounds. Tics are cheapest and dirtiest team in the league.

Two white guys in at one time for a team? Wtf?

We start two white guys...

DLee isn't white

After the bite he isn’t, he’s now a zombie

He’s as white as you can get… wait, he can jump. Maybe not.

Yeah but that's why we suck. The Celtics are good.

Because we START two white guys and their two play backup/spot minutes?

Luke Harangody is big-boned

Never heard of a fat skeleton

Wow of course rondo makes a 3

Smart is such a good coach he's not just B+ he's A+IDIOT

Now, this is embarrassing...maybe Ray Ray was right to begin with.

Reactionary posts

Hard to call fans being pissed about 30 years of failure "reactionary" isn't it?

Celtics def is good overall team defense all five of their starters can play team def. They don't steal the ball but they always front the players they are guarding, challenge the shots throughout the game.

Celts are in another level...We aren't there yet

Yep. Just give this FO and ownership group another 30+ years and they'll turn it around.

LOL at that charge call on Curry, total flop by Big Baby.

These highlights seem like a blooper reel It's just DLee beating the crap out of people

Ray Allen = arrogant @$#% @%#C @%@$%@8

I thought Ray Allen was cool... He is just an old bastard

Dear Nate Keep shooting

Wow a laker fan at a Celtics-warrior game Someone punch him

Acie Law needs to be taken out back and shot

One of these teams might play in the NBA finals, the other a lottery pick hopefully I'm gonna let you all guess which is which

This team has the collective basketball IQ of a brick.

The Warriors don’t belong on the same court as the Celtics

Outcoached, out muscled and out classed. Looks like Ray was right.

I tip my hat to the Celts Only 30 2nd half points for GS

We don't belong on their court Or whatever Allen said

The Celtics are a great team and they are much better than the warriors, so it's not as if the warriors should have won this game.

We should have ran this old *** team off of the court tonight. Oh wait to run you need to rebound, I almost forgot. LOL. How foolish of me. We got destroyed on the glass, AGAIN in tonight's game.

Celtics were just toying with us in the first half.  Then when it was time to clamp down they went to work.   Ray Allen was right... We don't belong on the same floor as them.  Looks like the old men ran us out of the building.  embarrassing    

We really proved Allen correct tonight which pisses me off. We clearly did not belong on the same court with this team.

For some reason we had 28 free throw attempts compared to the Celtics 11. Either the refs always want us to take down Boston, or they kept attacking the paint easily and kept scoring and we didnt foul them

We got rolled by arguably the best team in the league at near full strength coming off a nice rest and also a nice boost for 4 of their guys being in All Star weekend. Not really surprising. We have been overachieving anyway.

95% of the dubs had 5 day rest, Celts their Big 4 didn't have a 5 day rest NUFF SAID

Whoever said the Celtics if the Celtics won it would be because the refs handed them the game needs to check the box score.