Comments From the Other Side - Clippers 2/26

 After a tough start, the Celtics found their way to a good win.   No matter who we play, there are always wheelchair comments, old Celtics comments, and why are all these Celtics fans in our arena comments.  The Clippers fans had good reason to complain about the refs but then again so did Celtics.  They were pretty bad on both ends but the Celtics did end up with 20 more free throws than the Clippers. A lot of those came in the 3rd quarter when the Celtics came out more aggressive and the Clippers went into passive mode.   Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side....

Green will play 2night for the Celtics.

Cavs have incentive to take their time with BD's physical and force our new players to sit this game out, since our every loss improves the 2011 draft pick we traded to them and Cavs aren't playing today.

I really hate our luck. So par for the course in Clipperdom that we have to wait longer to see our new acquisitions than any other teams that made trades.

I guess we can hope that it takes the Celtics some time to figure out how to field a starting lineup of 3 SFs.

Lots of Celtics fan in the Staples Center.

So annoying. It always happens against the teams from the big East Coast and Midwest cities like New York and Chicago. Damn L.A. And all its transplants.

Some of the calls that Griffin doesn't get blow my mind. That first dunk attempt when Kristic nailed him -- how does he not get a call on that? Ridiculous.

Unfortunately, something tells me that all will be right in "Celtics-land" after this game.

That's the 4th foul I've seen Kristic commit already, but the refs have only called 2.

I don't like this game because Garnett can be a punk and we no longer have anyone willing to get in an opponents face if they try something on Blake.

Ton of Celtics fans But there are definitely Clippers fans there as well.

Clips can't keep this pace up.... Can they?

I think it's Boston who has to worry about keeping up the pace

Lol Celtics made a huge mistake trading for Jeff if they wanted offense He cannot put the ball in the basket from long distance to save his life.

They traded themselves out of a championship

Yup, should of went all in, instead they trying to get young and still remain relevant

Did Big Baby just block a shot?

Big Baby is so athletic...wait a second...

So far in this game Jeff Green has taken two shots, both misses. Having fun yet, Danny Ainge?

Wow we are getting some calls

Kristic looks like he should be in the Russian army

I would love to see Ray Allen play another 4 seasons. He's easily one of my favorite players.

Foye is playing sensational tonight! Why cant he play this good consistently????

Kinda sucks to see/hear so many Celtic fans in the stands Where are these guys when the Celtics play the Lakers at Staples?

Celtics fans, go and boo your nemesis instead and leave us Clippers fans in peace.

Clipper tix way cheaper that Lakers tix and easier to get for front running fans of out of town teams.

Surprisingly Laker fans are the worst..worse than Boston fans even

Our offence looks like 5 toddlers running around :)

52 percent shooting Against the Celts, impressive!

No third quarter letdown! The Celtics will respond.

No third quarter? What you talking about? We’re Clippers. There has to be one. :-)

The third quarter is usually when opposing coaches make adjustments against the Clippers and the Clippers coaches struggle to adjust to those adjustments. It is where it often all falls apart....

Congrats to Ralph on 2500 Clipper Broadcasts!!!
Did Walton just congratulate Ralph on his 2500 "birthday?"

I couldn't stop laughing. Bill Walton was nervous or has a screw loose.

Bill Walton is so goofy!

Ralph getting well-deserved recognition at the half.

Wish they didnt do this celebration when 2/3rds of the fans were Celtic fans

Boston makes adjustments in the 3rd Quarter like no one else, so kudos to Doc for that

These Boston fans are pissing me off

Boston fans are the biggest posers in the world. Now that the Patriots aren’t winning the Super Bowl anymore, do you EVER hear anything from them these days? Don’t get me started on Red Sox fan….

How do you leave Kevin Garnet open enough to get a lob dunk?

Is it against the rules to call a reach in foul against the Celtics?

FT 28 to 8 so far I guess that’s fair since Boston is still sad about the Perkins trade

As soon as Boston's starters sat, their lead vanished (for the most part)

Jeff Green is a nice glue guy

Wow every whistle is going the Celts way. **** NBA refs

Biased officiating in favor of the Celtics has been going on for generations; it shouldn't be a surprise.

Sad that the refs favor the away team over us on our home floor the first time we hit our home floor in 12 games...

The officials are letting them play. That's Boston's style. Clippers need a guy who's going to ratchet up the violence to a level where the officials have to re-take control of the game before it gets out of control.

This game is becoming unwatchable. Any time the Celtics get near the basket, the refs have called a foul. Look at the free throw disparity. I can understand this happening on the road, but at home? (which btw, sounds more like a Celtics home crowd....)

Look at that. Jeff Green actually made a field goal.

Dang you Delonte Get back to making out with LeBron’s mom and packing heat on your motorbike

The cheering for the Celts is really annoying

Pierce has a flair for the dramatic

where's his wheelchair?

He was underrated Until he got his ring, now all of a sudden he’s one of the greatest Celtics of all time.

This is pretty retarded, they're cheering louder for the C's than for us.

So Glen Davis' strategy: Lose your balance and bowl into a bunch of different guys and theyll give you the call.

This just in Vinny is not a good coach

I don't care whose logo is on the court, this is game 12 of the road trip Are we in LA or Boston? Hard to tell.

Can we write to the league And petition to get rid of 3rd quarters?

How can the Nuggets beat them and we get destroyed

The Nuggets are better?

We couldnt bring Ralph a win on his 2500 game :(

Why should it be any different from the other 2499 games?

The refs were terrible in this game. Celtics shot 41 free throws, and I bet close to 20 of those came in the 3rd quarter.

Dont blame the refs We deserved to loose man eesh