Celtics looking to trade for Howard

Boston Globe
The Celtics are looking for a backup to Paul Pierce and the candidates are Cleveland's Anthony Parker, who is playing out an expiring contract, New York's Roger Mason, Washington's Josh Howard and perhaps Indiana's Dahntay Jones.
Hope you weren't expecting a different Howard. No, we're after the oft injured, pot smoking, national anthem disrespecting Howard. If healthy he'd be a nice replacement for Marquis, but that's a big IF. The main question to ask in any Celtics related rumor is what of value are we giving up? Many people want to move Nate or Jermaine, but both hold negative trade value, so if we trade either that means we have to give up even more in addition. My guess is Semih Erden is the chip Danny is floating. Personally, unless the guy we're getting is significantly better than Von Wafer, I wouldn't part with Erden. The fact that he's young, a legitimate 7 foot, and has shown he can play well in his rookie season makes me think his value is much higher than a piece to get a Pierce back-up. So what are your thoughts? Would you trade the future of Semih for a Wafer upgrade?