Admitting I Was Wrong About Ray Allen

Yeah, I admit it.  I was totally wrong.  100% mistaken.  But it hasn't been the first time.  And it won't be the last.

When the Celtics drafted Junior Burrough I was convinced #5 would be raised to the rafters in Boston one day.  When Paul Pierce was in college, I thought he'd be the next Scotty Thurman.  So last year when I was adamant about the Celtics needing to trade Ray Allen for Caron Butler, I can safely announce I was totally incorrect again.

Ray Allen has been incredible this season.  It's been the most efficient shooting season of his illustrious NBA career.  And when the reserves are announced Thursday night for the NBA All Star Teams it will be a travesty if he's not included (along with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo).  Doc Rivers has consistently said since they acquired Ray that he had to make the most sacrifices of the Big 3.  More times than not, Ray is standing on the other side of the floor while either Rondo or Pierce is operating with the ball.  However he'll be the last person to complain about touches.

Any other non Celtics fans reading this, don't get me wrong: this isn't my inner-Tommy Heinsohn coming out either.  This has been Ray's most  prolific shooting season of his career.  The team has the second best record in the league.  He is on the cusp of becoming the NBA's all time leader in 3 pointers made.  And he's a hell of a lot more deserving than the other name that's been getting thrown around out there in the Eastern Conference, Raymond Felton.  If Ray Allen played for the Knicks this year I'm pretty sure he'd be averaging the same ppg as Stoudemire.  Knicks would also have more wins.  (For the record Felton absolutely doesn't deserve to be there.  His team is 3 games over .500 and is pretty much a lock to lose in the first round [D'Antoni's speciality is playoff failure].  His numbers are inflated because of the system he plays in.  They already have their All Star.)

And this has nothing to do with making it over Rajon, Paul or KG.  They all deserve it as well.  It just seems that the buzz has been that Ray Allen is least likely to be selected of the four.

Furthermore this selection will cement Ray's legacy with the Celtics.  3 All Star seasons with Boston and if the Celts should win another title, 2 championships.  As much as one of our writers will be opposed to this, I believe Ray Allen's #20 will be hanging in the rafters too (see Maxwell, Cedric or Johnson, Dennis for further proof) for his solid run in Boston and for resuscitating the best franchise in basketball.

So while I admit I was dead wrong that the Celtics should move Ray Allen to get "younger and more athletic" I will be equally peeved if he's not selected to play in this year's event. He absolutely deserves it.