I'm beginning to lose my patience.  This team was spectacular for 5 games and has now been exceptionally mediocre for 10.  The NBA season is about 1/5th over.  How much longer can we wait?  Perhaps til the All Star Break.  But I'm not sure if that would be enough time to gel.  Here are two deals I want to see happen and I think may be somewhat practical.

First off, bring James Posey back.  Forget about Nocioni and wondering how he'll fit.  Posey was a perfect fit here and he's got a lot left in the tank.  He'll solve the problem of being able to guard perimeter big men like Rashard Lewis and Lamar Odom when KG's resting.  C's can go small when they like with him playing the 4, a lineup that was very effective 2 seasons ago.  For Posey the C's ship Scalabrine, Tony Allen and JR Giddens.  Hornets will soon realize they're not really going anywhere and Posey wants another chance at a title and he already has his contract.  The benefit for New Orleans is clearing cap space, maybe making a run at another mid-level player next season who can complement Paul better.  Let's face it: with Posey, Mo Peterson, Devin Brown, and Julian Wright, the Hornets have enough of the same type of 2/3 guys on their current roster.This deal will open up 2 roster spots.  Scalabrine will be waved and likely resign with Boston.

The other, more bold deal, is acquiring Caron Butler along with Mike James for Ray Allen.  Yes Butler's more of a 3 but along with Pierce one of them can guard 2 guards.  When they play the Fakers Whistlin Phil can't put Kobe on Rondo anymore since Fisher will get eaten alive by Butler or Pierce.  Big advantage to the C's.  Butler will be the youth infusion the Celtics need right now.  Let's face it with KG limping around, the Celtics need to dominate another position.  Ray Allen has been solid this year, but he's not been dominant.  Butler I feel would solve that problem.  For the Wizards they're going nowhere and are already a team built around Agent Zero.

Furthermore next season Allen resigns with Boston and becomes the 6th man.

These are obviously hypothetical but I'd love if there were a way for them to be made.  This article signifies that I'm pushing the panic button.  If people want to wait a couple more months that's understandable and I could live with that..  I really do feel these may be legit options at this time of the season though.  There's obviously turmoil in Washington which is known about.

Sadly I just don't think this team is nearly as good as I thought they would be.  Not with the consistent struggles against lesser opponents.

tb727 11/26/2009 12:12:00 PM Edit
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  1. I'd hate to see Scal go but would love getting Posey and Butler. Seems like a pretty logical trade actually.

  2. Three Toe says:

    Im am on the "let's not push the panic button yet" side of things, but having posey back would be really nice.

    there's no way that is going to happen, at least not for a long time, just looking at the New Orleans side. and I think the Celtic's guys still feel like they have put together a dominant team as it is. unless things really fall apart, i doubt they will make any major moves.

  3. JR says:

    I think New Orleans does the trade to shed salary commitments. I can't see Wyc paying that much luxury tax. He wouldn't pay Posey before, and he definitely won't pay him if he's also paying 'Sheed. If Wyc decided not to care about money this trade could work as a three way where the Hornets add a future first for us taking Posey off their hands and that first going with Ray to the Wiz

  4. ThomasJ says:

    I'd like to see Posey back, too but I agree with JR's reasoning.

    I like Butler alot, but I don't know if Wyc will take on his $9.8 this season and $10.6 next.

    Also tb, no discussion of the Mike James piece of the trade. Take it from someone in Minnesota who saw McHale make him another of his horrible signings when he gave him a big contract after one great year in Toronto. Even though his bloated $6.5 is the last year, I wouldn't trust him as a back up pg in big time situations.

  5. tb727 says:

    Thomas J- I put Mike James in simply to allow salaries to work. He's played in Boston in the past so has some familiarity (even if that was under John Carroll or Jim O'Brien). I wouldn't expect him to be on the playoff roster either but crazier things have happened.

    I know I know, I'm really hitting the panic button on this article. It's unlike me to. Perhaps I should take this down and repost in January if my feelings haven't changed...

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