Where Might We See Shaq in the Future?

It is no secret that Shaq is at the end of his career. He knows it. He's even stated as much. If he doesn't retire after this season, we might see him one or two more years max. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to see Shaq in a Celtics uniform, but we all know that we won't see him in one for long. With that said, today I thought I would look ahead to what the future may hold for #36. With his popularity and charisma, he is certain to have a career after the NBA

Hollywood and Television

I don't think we have seen Shaq in his last movie. While I don't think we will see a Kazaam 2 (thankfully), I see him in some cameo and guest bits in movies or TV. Expect more commercials for anything from Icy Hot to him telling you where you can get your poker bonus online. You may even see him in some lower budget movie as the main star, unless it is basketball related of course. I can envision him in a basketball comedy with Woody Harrelson right now. Oh wait, Harrelson did Semi-Pro didn't he. Shaq and Adam Sandler in a basketball comedy. Hmmm, that might have potential.


At some point you will see Shaq on TV either providing analysis for one of the major networks. I'm sure the Celtics would love to have him on their programming. Most any team he has played for would., except maybe the Lakers. Kobe might bitch too much about that. Put Shaq and Charles Barkley both on TNT. That's comedy waiting to happen.

Professional Poker

Now, I don't know anything about Shaq's poker ability, but I do know that he is a character and certain poker shows are all about having big name characters on their program. Shaq would almost certainly get signed to represent poker online with one of the major sites. Maybe he could play Daniel Negreanu in a little one-on-one for charity.

Professional Wrestling

Shaq definitely has the size to be a professional wrestler. He could come out as the "Shaq Daddy." Even if he was used as an infrequent guest, he would still draw a crowd. His signature move could be a choke slam that they could call the "Slam Dunk." Maybe we could have a Shaq Daddy vs. Big Show match at Wrestlemania. I think I'll give Vince McMahon a call on that one.

Obviously, some of these suggestions are "tongue in cheek" but at the same time, with Shaq you never know. I'd expect him to show up on TNT after his career is over with as "Dog, the Bounty Hunter." In either event, Shaq has had a great career and is beloved by fans all over the world. When he finally hangs up his sneakers, the sky is the limit for the big man.

Guest post By Dave Marshall