Today's Video: Rondo puts on a show vs the Bobcats

There's been some silly criticism by Celtics fans of late targeted at Rajon Rondo. They're saying he's being "selfish" and "padding stats" by passing too much. I've never heard a player be called selfish for being unselfish with the ball. Seems like the type of backwards criticism you'd expect from Lakers fans against their stars. Trust me when you're the starting point guard on a team with four other Hall of Famers in the starting line-up, some of the top scorers in NBA history, you better be willing to dish the ball almost every time. You put Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, or Derek Rose on the Celtics in place of Rondo and Ray, Paul, KG, and Shaq's numbers all would suffer. With a foursome like that, you need a pass first point guard.

Rondo has the skills to score twenty a night, but is sacrificing that part of his game while he plays with these four veterans. People wondered if one ball would be enough for Paul, Ray, and KG and it was. One ball is also enough even with Shaq out there. But if the point guard or "band leader" to quote Tommy decided to fight for his shots then we would have a problem. People need to appreciate the fact that we have the perfect point guard for this team. As you can tell from the highlight video above his teammates certainly do.

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