TA beats down Mayo over welched bet

According to multiple sources former Celtic Tony Allen and OJ Mayo were in a fight flying home after the Grizzlies trouncing of the Lakers in LA. TA was upset that Mayo wouldn't pay money that he lost to Allen in a card game. Mayo took offense to TA asking for it and started talking smack non stop to Allen. Then Mayo pulled the whole jump in Allen's face false bravado move, and TA went Chicago diner on Mayo's face. Ironically, Mayo was out with "bronchitis" for the Grizzlies game versus the Thunder last night and TA filled in with 19 points. Talk about putting your destiny in your own hands. I wonder if Chris Wallace came up with the "bronchitis" listing? Looks much better than "fatlipitis" and is still more believable than KG in the middle of a game saying "You are cancerous to your team and our league."

Sounds like Mayo had it coming to him and the story is very similar to the time when Charles Oakley knocked Tyrone Hill out during a pregame also over a welched bet. Hopefully TA isn't on probation from the whole White Palace Grill incident from years ago.

Sources: CBS Sports  and Yahoo Sports