Random Thoughts on Injury Updates

The news was good for the Celtics today as Doc, Perk and Delonte updated us on the injured players hoping to return.   Doc reported that KG will be back next week, possibly Monday and Wednesday at the latest.  That is definitely good news.  Hopefully KG is 100% and not just pushing to come back.  The Celtics are doing well even without him and I'd rather him be fully healed and 100% when he comes back than to have him push to come back sooner and risk the chance of injuring it again.
Delonte will be starting lifting weights and shooting with his right hand next week and is hoping for a return around the All Star break.  He was quoted as saying, "It's a slow process, but it's a fo sho process."  Sounds like Delonte.  Getting Delonte back will be very big for the Celtics because that gives them their back up PG again and Nate can once again move to the 2 guard spot where he is more comfortable and more productive.   The Nate and Delonte combo was looking very good what little we got to see it and I can't wait to see Delonte on the court again.

And, I saved the best for last.  Perk has been playing some 3 on 3 and all of the tests on his knee have been good since resuming some basketball activities.  He's had no setbacks and not even any  swelling.  He expects to begin full-team practice activities next week.   He is projecting a return to games in 3 weeks which means he will be ready for the West coast swing that includes the Blazers, Suns, Lakers and Kings. 

The mental part will be just as tough as the physical return, though.  Many players come back tentative at first, with worries about reinjury tempering their ability to produce.  In typical Perk fashion, he doesn't feel that will be a problem for him.  He had this to say about it:   "I just figure, if it happens it happens. If it doesn’t, that's a good thing. It's nothing I'm worried about. I literally have it in my mind that Dr. McKeon fixed it better than my other leg. So that’s how I go at it. And if something happens, I’m going to put it all on him."

Here's some more from Perk:

The news wasn't all good today though. My heart goes out to Leon Powe who once again has to have surgery on his knee for a torn miniscus. He will be out of Cleveland's lineup for six weeks. Leon's one guy I'll always cheer for. Get better soon, big guy. Celtics' Nation is pulling for you!

Also on the not so good news side of things, Jermaine O'Neal sat out the second half with soreness in his knee and is questionable for Saturday's game vs the Bulls. Something tells me either JO has to get used to playing with soreness in his knee or we aren't going to see him very much this season. When Perk gets back, JO will have plenty of time to rest that knee.