Random Thoughts on Beastliness and Not So Much

As you might suspect, I'm beside myself with the news that Perk had a full practice today.  These quotes from Doc and Perk made my day:
"Perk went through the whole practice," said Rivers. "Hell, he looked the best. I could make the case for playing him tomorrow as much as anybody. He won’t play, obviously, but this was the first day for Perk live and he was phenomenal."

Joked Perkins: "The coaches told me I might have to give them 15 minutes [Monday]. I could probably give them 25 and be alright."

When the diagnosis was made that Perk had torn his ACL, MCL and PCL, they estimated 8-9 months rehab.   I said at the time if anyone could beat that timetable, it would be Perk.  There isn't a player in the league who works as hard as Kendrick Perkins.  This has been true since his first year in the league and it was what won me over and made me a Perk fan for life.  And, here we are 6 months after the surgery and he is back at practice and ready to play.  He is targeting February 4 when the Mavericks visit the Garden for his return. 

He said that he could probably come back sooner, but the team will be on the road and he wants his first game back to be at home.  I can't blame him there.  I get goosebumps already thinking about the crowd's reaction to Perk's first appearance.   As for Perk getting his starting job back, I don't think there was any doubt.   The Celtics starters with Perk, Ray, PP, KG and Rondo are like a well oiled machine and I can't wait to see them together again.  Another quote from Doc got me very excited:
"You could just see it with our first unit -- today was the first time this year we had our real first unit on the floor," said Rivers. "Offensively and defensively, it was just another level. They could run anything they wanted because everyone knew where everyone else was at."
Perk means so much to this team and a lot of people don't give him enough credit.   He is the backbone of the defense.  He changes so many shots in the paint just by his presence.   He also does so much that doesn't show up in the box score.  Like boxing out the opponents to allow teammates to get rebounds and setting some of the best picks in the league to get his teammates open for shots. 

(video courtesy of Chris Forsberg, ESPN) 

Speaking of those picks,  Marquis Daniels missed the last half of practice after getting caught by one of those picks.  Perk apologized and Quisy complemented Perk's ability to set a pick and so there weren't any hard feelings.  And Quisy was able to get some shots up after practice and said he's good to go for the Orlando game.  So all is good.    But those picks that Perk sets are a weapon that the Celtics have been missing in their game.   Perk is definitely THE BEAST.  No question about it.  And in case you have forgotten.  I LOVE PERK!!

Now, a few thoughts on  the complete opposite of Perk and that is Chris Bosh.  Most of you know that Bosh left last night's Miami loss with a boo boo ankle.  He allegedly injured the ankle when the Bulls' Turk, Omar Asik dove for a loose ball and landed on Bosh's leg in the process.  Here are some rather ridiculous quotes from Bosh after the game:
"C'mon, that is how guys get hurt, that is how serious injuries happen," Bosh said.
"You've got to watch people's legs. I know guys want to hustle and everything but we all want to play and provide for our families and have a job."

"We all want to be healthy and that is very important," said Bosh, who had 11 of his 17 points in the third quarter before the injury. "If it is by somebody's leg, don't dive for the ball, it's too close."
Talk about a wuss.  Don't dive for a loose ball if it is by another player?  PULEEZE!!!   By Bosh's reasoning, then you shouldn't go up after a rebound because there are too many players around and you could come down on a foot.  And never take a charge or drive into the paint because you could get hurt.  Maybe Bosh can petition the league to have teams who play the Heat have just 4 players so that there aren't as many players on the floor for him to run into.    Oh, and there is nothing worse than a multi-milionaire  whining about having to feed his family.  I'm sorry, but this guy turns my stomach.

And a few random thoughts about other injury news.  The news out of practice wasn't all good though.    Shaq slipped on some snow and ice this morning and injured an adductor muscle in his upper leg and didn't participate in practice.  He's listed as day to day but hopefully he will be ok to play vs the Magic because Big Baby can't play 48 minutes and Semih and Luke just can't stop Howard.   I'm with Doc.  I'd love to see Perk give us 15 minutes vs Howard.   

Jermaine O'Neal will be getting a second opinion on his ailing knee and is expected to make a decision as to whether to get surgery now or wait until the off season.   The Celtics sure could use JO, especially in the playoffs and to keep Shaq fresher.  Surgery would almost certainly be season ending.  I hope they can figure something out to allow him to play this season.  Even 15 minutes a game would be a boost to the team.  He and Shaq could platoon every other game backing up Perk the rest of the season.  But I'm sure the doctors will know best and so we wait until Tuesday to find out.