Drool continues to come out of Big Baby's mouth

GD: “Make [Howard] shoot over the top, put my body into him, contest. Just make him a finesse player.”

Reporter: “Is that the biggest challenge for you to guard anybody out of anybody around?”

GD: “No.”

Reporter: “He’s one of the best around. He’s like the top center in the league.”

GD: “He is? Oh. He’s a great player, you know, but he’s not the hardest to guard. I think it’s easy to guard him.”

Reporter: “Really? How so?”

GD: “Because he doesn’t — you know, he’s a finesse guy. It would be different if you didn’t know which way he was going. But if he’s just going one way or making one move, you know, it’s hard to power over big dudes who are just as strong as him.”
I heard about Big Baby talking trash about Dwight Howard earlier today and I figured people were talking about earlier in the season when Baby piggy-backed KG's comments that Howard was limited offensively. Regardless whether we won or not yesterday, a limited reserve like Davis shouldn't be talking trash about the best center in the league who just went for 33 and 13. And this is coming from one of the biggest Davis fans out there. I really like his game and I defend him all the time, but he needs to shut his mouth. Nothing good comes out of it.

Imagine if Baby really was a star player? He'd be unbearable with all his talking. The fact that he's a bench player is the only thing that keeps him somewhat in check. Truth be told, Howard's offensive game is extremely predictable and not the hardest to guard, but his defense alone makes him the top center in the league and his size and athleticism still make him a force offensively. If one of the Big 4 on the Celtics want to talk trash that's their prerogative. They're all-stars. Baby needs to stick to taking charges.

(Thanks DH for the find.)