Comments From the Other Side - Suns 1/28

This is a game that the Celtics need to put behind them and go from there.  The Celtics just didn't show up for this one.  Steve Javie used to be one of the better refs but after last night, I've lost all respect for him.  He was on a power trip.  The fact that all the T's given out were to the Celtics and none to the Suns shows that he was sending a message to Doc that it was all about him.  Suns fans were very quick to label KG a dirty player when he couldn't possibly have hit Frye very hard if he bounced back up the way he did. You don't just jump back up after a hard hit there.   Still, this one is over and the Celtics need to move on.  With the back to back and the travel file this one under extenuating circumstances and go on.  The Lakers, however, lost to the Kings at home and with 2 days rest.  What's their excuse? 

We need to run all damn day. Run run run and get a ton of fastbreak opportunities. We play at their pace and we lose by a lot. Unfortunately, I don't see a win here. Either way, go Suns!

I actually predict a win....Nobody is expecting anything from the Suns, but I think they will be fired up coming out of the gate from their team talk.

I think more Celtic fans are expecting us to win than we are.

it's a back to back for the C's, I wish we could run them but with Carter, I don't know. Hope he steps up in this game.

I expect a tough fight. Wrestling. Low scoring game with a lot of dirty moves.

I feel strangely optimistic...go Suns. The Celtics don't do so hot when they've played the night before.

I foresee the Suns getting crushed tonight. Sigh. @ least they'll get to see how defense is really supposed to be played. Rondo will probably dish out something like 15-20 dimes as well. Man it's a depressing time to be a Suns fan. & this coming from a self-proclaimed Homer/optimist.

If Boston gets a 1st quarter lead, we might hang our heads and get blown out. Plus the Celtics have most of their core healthy for the first time this season.

The Suns are winning this one, no doubt in my mind.


Carter, Gortat and Pietrus have "unfinished business" with Boston (as ex-Orlando players) so I think they can play especially concentrated.

I really don't like the Celtics... And I’ll stop myself there lest the ranting begin.

Tha Blazers stood their ground yesterday They lost but they were very physical all night. The Celtics should be really banged up. Great chance to win this game but then again… you never know with this Suns team.

No I'm pretty sure we're going to lose

Perkins is back, bad news

Random thought of the day We’re better than the Cavs.

Please, Suns, don't embarrass yourselves on national TV. Yes, my expectations have sunken that low.

Marcin Gortat Respectfully Calls Kendrick Perkins A Little Dog

I feel that this team will get instantly better the moment we ship Vince Carter off to wherever…He drags this team down with his very precense…

Carter’s tenure here reminds me of Griffey’s lackluster return to the M’s, being caught taking a nap during games and whatnot.

Suns by 20 at least. Boston is old. We have Gortat and VC Vince Carter, most loyal and trusted player in league history. I expect VC will dunk on every player including his own teammates to show is skills.

I would not want to bet on this one - just the kind of crazy year when we could play out of our heads. Or just suck utterly, and that's what I'm expecting.

Apparently, the Cs got in their hotel last night at 4AM... Pierce is game time decision with a thigh bruise. They are 6 and 5 on B2Bs... This one says stay away. Over under is 202. If had to bet, I'd take the under,

We don't stand a chance, this should be good for a laugh.

Go suns, this should be a really easy win against a tired Celtics team!

.there’s a shit load of Celtics fans in the building tonight.

To Celtics fans, I'd have this to say: We may suck right now, but the suns still have the most badass 38-year-olds alive.

We have the better 38-year old

To make it hurt even more, he could have been a Celtic. But he chose us. :-p

They got our sloppy seconds.

This is an excellent point The Celtics acquired a player that the SUNS no longer had any use for…

Boos for Vince Carter during intros…not sure if that was Celtics fans, Suns fans or both

Thinking that a few months ago, these two teams almost met in The Finals is sad. Gets even sadder when you see what's become of the Suns since then. Hopefully we can be competitive in this one. I'm not expecting a win, and I slightly hope we don't get it, but don't make it easy for them.

Ugh, Shaq is going to own our frontline

Mark Jackson AND Jeff Van Gundy? Ugh.

Look at it this way. Now you only have to hear them each talk half the time.

Nice job getting Shaq in foul trouble, but that means the mean beast Perkins replaces him

Celtics called for more fouls in the first few minutes Then they were called for the entire first half of their game against Portland.

VC, do NOT leave Ray Allen at the 3PT line. EVAR!

Celtics worst offensive rebounding team in nba

Kendrick Perkins tries to look scary, but ends up looking goofy

Damn Phoenix, why are you letting the Celtics fans be so loud?! Horrible job, fans.

Phoenix fans don't even shut up bitch ass Laker fans, you think they're going to shut the Celtics fans up?

Last year had we beat the lakers and went to the finals we would have killed the Celtics and won a championship :/

As soon as I heard how many Celtics fans were in the arena I figured it'd be this way. Still bothers me.

I know there are die hard fans out here in Arizona that support there team to the full extent. What I don't understand is where in the hell do these other fans come from?

Frye is useless against Garnet

Nash has been tough to handle for the old dudes

We are scoring in the paint against Boston's bigs. Very, very good sign.

Not really. We knocked all of their bigs out of the game with fouls already.

Great start! Why can’t we always catch old teams on the second half of back-to-backs?

We can't always do it because a lot of the time we ARE the old team on a B2B.

Pierce and Allen looking very average tonight.

It's nice to have Shaq, Perkins, and Rondo in foul trouble early on.

I like it when we play defense.
it's a rare sighting

Does anyone know what’s wrong with Lopez tonight?

I heard he might have accidentally pulled his head out of his ass. Damn shame.

What is with our Centers? It’s like they’re playing with more energy and aggressiveness.

I'd say Steve is dominating the game.

The only Sun with a negative plus/minus is dragic while not a single Celtic has a positive plus/minus.

Gortat's buzzer-beating 3 now the highlight of the game.

Who would have thought that we'd have a 30 point 1st quarter against the Celtics, and be up by 14. They did play last night, but as a Suns fan you've got to enjoy these flashes of success.

Shaq is FAT

The espn guys are TERRIBLE in announcing

Mark Jackson is one of the worst homo sapiens of all time

This is the first time that a team on a second night of a back to back is actually showing fatigue against us

We’re really running them down. I like the tempo. The Celtics seem to hate it.

It's nice to actually be able to run on someone.

Boston Shaq looks like Cleveland Shaq ate Phoenix Shaq

His skills are gone, so size is all he has

I love being on the other side of hack-a-shaq

Cetlics fans know this lead will go away

All that green in United Airways Center is unacceptable.

Those Celtics fans look so...celticy

But the Celtics aren’t playing Celtic defense. I guess we can thank the Blazers…. Did I really just say that?

I'm amazed how sloppy the Celtics have been, they look really sluggish.

Doc Rivers getting kicked out is a joke.

The Celtics need a nap, seriously. They look extremely sluggish, and to think they're in title contention!

I have a bad feeling this lead we have is going to be cut short in the second half. Prove me wrong Suns!

Suns have been blowing leads for the 18 years I've been watching them. Wouldn't be surprised at anything.

I'm happy that Kendrick Perkins is healthy.

Following the game on ESPN scores. Seems like it's the type of game where we just have it going, while Boston doesn't. How else do you explain Gortat for 3?

This just keeps getting better and better for us. Rivers ejected, Rondo with a hard fall.

C's are missing a lot of shots they usually make

44 points in the first half against the Celts is like 60 against anyone else, keep the execution up!

I don’t care if we foul as long as a Celtic player gets knocked down.

I hope that fall doesn't make Rondo go nova on us

Rondo needs help to go nova. He’s not getting it right now.

Nash and Ray Allen need to play together one day That would be poetry in motion

Ray Ray missed 2 FTs. We got this. Officially.

Ray Allen's been missing consecutive free throws more often than any season before

This is the biggest domination of the Celtics all season These creaks won’t stand a chance against LA.

Would it hurt for Kendrick Perkins to smile? Even once?

He ain't got nothing to smile about tonight

Takes more muscles to frown than to smile. He must be working out

Rondo is overrated. Yes, I’m a Rondo hater. But when I’m a Steve Nash lover, it’s hard not to

Why are they talking about the Celtics up against the Lakers in the finals this year, when currently we are blowing them out?

Not comfortable at all still. I expect the Celtics to come back strong in the 3rd and make it a game by the 4th.

Are the two teams just thinking about Sunday?

If they are screw em, they’re not real champions anyway

Now Baby's out? This just keeps getting better and better.

Oh Shaq Has age ever caught up with you now.

How do you guys do it? I watch Rondo torch my Cavs, and just wonder how you guys are able to render him so useless!

Steve Nash: All-world defense

Honestly, if you shut everyone else down Ron dio won't be anything special.

The Celtics are a total joke out there

Hahahahahaha! Shaq defending the point guard! Shaq is hilarious.

Garnett is a dirty dirty.

Suns still Suck, Celtics just sucks more tonight and they are slowly trying to get back in the ball game

Vince has more points this quarter than an entire playoff series last year.

We've out-rebounded Boston 35 to 27 in the first 3 quarters.
Mind you, Gortat has gotten away with a few push-outs.

Former Magic players steppin' up They hate the Celtics

Paul Pierce is one of if not the worst floppers in the league.

Did I hear a "let's go Celtics" chant?!

I'm guessing US Airways Center ain't gonna chant “Beat LA”

Holy moly what a flop by VC haha

Frack you Kevin garnett you’re a bad human being and I hope bad things happen to you

Whenever the Celtics meet adversity, they try to literally fight their opponent, championship pedigree my buttcrack

The Celtics are too thuggy for my liking and KG is a wimp. The dude is all talk.

I hate Kevin Garnett, what a punk.

I'm a Phoenix Suns fan, but man this is hard to watch. I can't believe the Celtics are playing this bad. My god this is just, sad.

MP would KILL KG in a fight. Even Nash would.

KG only turns thug when the ref steps in between em. In DA streets he'd get beat down.

I have a feeling Frye flopped there, because he knew it was an airball.

LOL effing Nate is ALWAYS trying to get into those little scuffles I LOATHE him.

Nate Robinson is the NBA's rat. RIGHT WHEN YOU THINK YOU GOT HIM.. He runs off.

2nd time Garnett has done that. So dirty.

Ha! That's what you get for being dirty. 6 FT's to us.

KG is a terrible example of how to play the game.. Hes filthy! He should get suspended.. It looked like he was intending to injure Frye.. Wow. What a loser

Boston has been playing dirty ball tonight. Paul Pierce elbowing Hill and KG going under people while in their stroke. Gortat needs to knock some one out.

Garnett is just too lazy to guard the 3 pt line and he didn't want Frye to get comfortable shooting the 3 or worse, he was trying to injure Frye.
I hope he gets fined or suspended, it's on tape. He did the same thing twice.

I'm so happy. Not only was our offense a bit smoother tonight, but Doc Rivers and KG getting ejected was hilarious. Hope this gives our team some much needed confidence.

Right now the Celtics look completely deteriorated Utterly decomposed

I think part of the decision to double T KG was to get him out and not let the game get WAY out of hand

As bad as the Celtics played The Suns played pretty bad too.

Gotta say I did not expect this

Teehee, Rondo had 7 turnovers and downright got schooled by Steve =D

Feels good to hold the league's No. 1 shooting team to 71 points.

What I loved is that when our offense sucked, Our defense and huslte made theirs suck more.

Somehow this crappy suns team managed to give the best team in the east the worst loss of the season

1 win tonight but 2 loses te next 2 games- thats suns basketball for ya! As far as soft, well Carter is pretty much up there. His version of being tougher is by growing a beard.

Big win. Never thought we'd win scoring less than 90. They are on a west coast trip but still shoulda beat us. KG shouldn't have been ejected but I don't care. We get no breaks this year.

As for Garnett, even if both times he undercut Frye were accidental, he should know better than that by now. The league needs to look at that, because the risk of injury is so high on those plays. I'm glad he got tossed, even if for a different reason. The Suns ended up with six free throws in a row as a result of that little altercation

If Nash would have hit all three T's and Frye all three free throws, instead 2 out of 3 for each, it would have been a 6-point play. How many times in your lifetime would you see a 6-point play?

GO SUNS, but we have to make up our mind, are we tanking or not.