Comments From the Other Side - Raptors 1/2

Finally, back to winning and fun comments from the other side. It's always fun to watch their reactions to Rondo, whether he plays or not.  It seems as though most fans believe that without Rondo the Celtics are pushovers and with him they have no hope.  I enjoyed them talking about how undermanned they were while not realizing that the Celtics have been just as undermanned. Nice to see they appreciated that dunk from Pierce, even though they were way too happy to see him roll his ankle.   Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side....

Would have been a great game for Bargnani to abuse Boston's frontcourt w/o Garnett.

Raps wont win this one and that's fine by me!
More loses =better chance BC isn't back next season.

Let's see how DeMar plays against his toughest opponent, Ray Allen. If DeMar puts up a good performance against Ray Ray, especially on D, I'll be very happy.

Another loss which classifies as a win this season!

With Bargnani I would expect a win. Without, I expect cringe worthy offense, and good defense until Boston wakes up.

Winnable if we can play the way we have been as of late.
P.S. Thanks Garnett & Rondo

It would be kind of hard with how good the C's are at communicating and rotating, KG or no KG.

Celtics losing 2 in a row to a shitty New Orleans and Detroit. Pierce and Shaq gonna abuse the Raps consider it game set match.

You can't underestimate the Boston bench. Nate Robinson can drop 20 on you if you're not careful. Glen Davis is probably the best bench big in the entire league. They also have Jermaine O'Neal, who can step up on the defensive side.

Boston has to win tonight after those 2 losses. TO doesn't stand a chance, but at least we'll have a better chance at getting a top 5 pick

There is always hope that the Celtics retirees will start losing parts at some point of the game. Both O'Neals are old as hell, I hear Pierce's motoric functions are deteriorating rapidly. Ray Allen is 35 and playing 36 minutes per game is he on steroids or something? The Raptors' young guns have to make them sweat and work hard. And most of the Celtics' players are so damn annoyng, make them pay

Ray Allen is the definition of fit. He's been eating the same game time meals(rice and chicken) and has been 3 hours early to every single game to work on his shot for over a decade

No KG to defeat us mentally, and Rondo (hopefully) to you know...Rondo us

The lack of bench will probably really hurt the Raptors, today, as it did against Houston. The Raptors biggest strength all season has been a good bench (or at least very little dropoff from the starters to the bench), but with all the injuries, that’s not the case, anymore.

The Celtic’s bench is quite tin too as Baby and Nate have to start in place of KG and Rondo.

Watch for the Grey Vegas effect to hold of the Celtics. I expect Big Baby to be fully hungover.

Something seems fishy about Weems being unavailable for so long.

I kinda like weems being out

Oh good. Rondo's starting

Damn.... Rondo is playing

When we lose, I'm happy because it's needed to get a better pick.
When we win I'm indifferent to it.
The life of a non-bipolar Raptor fan.

We're going to have a hard time bodying up Shaq/Perkins

You know Perkins is out for another month, right?

My mistake, I meant Davis... it's going to be even worse once Kendrick is back

Haha did I just hear that right? Is our starting SG taller than our C?
Dorsey 6'6"
Derozan 6"7'

Rondo! Oh shoot, game over

Dorsey D'ing up on Shaq looks like a gnat standing on a water buffalo's back

Pierce with the verbal flop.

Pierce is getting that Lebron call.. I call bullshit.

I love seeing Dorsey get the ball under the rim. Like a younger, shorter and better David Robinson

I hate that behind the back thing Rondo does

Jose made Rondo look stupid there.

Big baby is hungover

Glen Davis is overmatched as a starter

I know its early still, but how are we even in this game, we are playing with 8 players, they have a full roster.

Well to be fair they are missing KG but I think missing all these bodies will catch up to the raps latter in the game but that's cool at least their playing hard.

We are eating up their 2nd unit.

Currently on the floor for the Celtics...
An 80-year-old Jermaine O’Neal, Token White Guy, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Dunk Contest Sideshow, and Lil Wayne.


The refs are blowing a lot of calls. Goaltending??

You can't throw passes like that to kleiza Weems would have caught that.
Then try to do a 360 reverse layup because it's his contract year, and fail.
So yeah, our sf all suck

DeMar needs to take advantage of having a crappy defender like Von Wafer on him.

Why is our fans cheering the opposing team.. Sad

I thought they only did it for the's kind of sad

No offense to female fans, but its quite audible that the people cheering are young girls. Its a high-pitched squeal.
So I wouldn't call them fans. I'd call them teenagers who only know about the Lakers and Celtics because their high school boyfriends were talking about them.

Von Wafer is quick...Jeez...Why aren't the refs t'ing up JO.

Both teams are pretty plagued by injuries...rondo doesn't look 100%.

Demar is playing Kobe-like defense wow

Calderon's out of gas already

he's out of talent.

Pierce is a little b*tch, I wanna slap him

Man a wet spot on the floor would be more beneficial defensively than Jose...

LOL Jose. The aged PP driving pass you like the pylon you are.

Oh, are you frikkin' kidding me? Can someone please tell these refs which city they are playing in? I cannot believe the BS calls. The phantom calls. I mean how many replays have there been of blown calls where the announcers are just going 'WTF?'.

Pierce is such a raptor killer

We have to be smarter on the switches. This is the third time that I've seen Calderon guarding Pierce.

Thats a bad matchup, Pierce just runs into Jose and throws it up and gets the call

Rondo looks very off to me.
I bet he's not 100%, I mean, Jose was outrunning him!

And Jose is injured too... So Rondo must be really banged up.

I hate Big Baby, he falls no matter what.

Stupid PP and has stupid consistency

I smirked when Rondo went down... Am I wrong for that ?

I've watched it a few times. I'm pretty sure klieza walked on rondo's ankle on purpose... I don't mind that. As long as he didn't snap it.

See there goes Rondo, he clearly is not even 70%

Rondo is struggling out there. Why are they playing him - don't they want to have him 100% for the play offs?

Good job giving Allen space. Its not like he's a good shooter anyway -.-

The Celtic defense is stifling. We are out working them though

Apparently Pierce doesn't miss

Pierce is good, hate to say it after he kneed Bosh in the balls.

I just dont like Paul. I think hes too cocky, and stuff like that his ego, but hes a good player. I love how KG and Pierce are cocky SOB's where as Allen is a calm, classy guy. Talk about opposites.

Ray alleen needs to retire......constantly putting up daggers against the raps

Big Baby is such a dropoff from Garnett. It’s amazing that the Celtics haven’t felt the need to upgrade their backup PF, given Garnett’s recent health.

JO has retired Just he hasn’t told anybody yet

Barbosa would rather turn the ball over than pass it to someone on his team

Ray Allen is looking vintage tonight.

Pierce is such a scumbag

Guys in the truck chose the worst angle for that.

I hate the Raptors camera crew, it's like they got vertigo. Stay still, ****.

There is no truck, there are no guys. Just some hobo on a contract with a 10 year old camcorder.

Amazing dunk by Pierce.

Ummm guys, did I just see Paul pierce do what he just did?

Can we just hack-a-shaq already

Ray Allen should be wearing a purple Bucks jersey tonight with the high top fade ...

Oh look, wing players killing us again -.-

Wing players named Ray Allen and Paul Peirce usually do that to most teams.

Whoever guarded Ray Allen should be shot.

Looking at how Vince is turning out, I can't believe Pierce is still going at an elite level. Hard work and dedication get you far in this league.

Vince was a perimeter player, while Pierce was getting to the line. We cheered for Vince, but we all knew who was better.

I enjoyed seeing Paul Fawkhead Puke twist his ankle on that dunk.

Lol pierce injures himself after the dunk

No weelchair too, this might be serius

Hahahahahahh good for ***** Pierce. Goes to scream on a free dunk and turns his ankle. Karmas a ***** PAul

Pierce headed to the tunnel haha... Why would he try to tomahawk dunk when he knows he's not that agile ?

I cant watch Pierce anymore, he's up there with Lebron for me.

Cs needed their HOFs to play at the top of their game to win.

Boston should be embarassed.

I'm sorry but that Pierce dunk was filthy, dunk of the year IMO

The refs have been a joke tonight

Raptors can't even beat a hungover Celtics team.